Thompson twin looking likely to reach top level

THE THOMPSON brothers are both some of the top prospects for the upcoming NBA Draft, which will take place in June of this year, and although much of the talk is around his brother Amen, guard-forward Ausar has been gathering plenty of hype on his own.

The pair have been among the biggest names of the draft class, both bringing their own unique skillset to whatever team picks them up. In fact, there may be some teams that prefer Ausar to his brother come draft time.

He has a skillset that should slot into any team at NBA level, and will make an enticing prospect for a side that is not looking to change things up too much around their 2023 draftee, making him a potential top-five selection.

Ausar Thompson

TEAM: Overtime City Reapers
POSITION: Guard/Forward
DOB: 30/01/2003
HEIGHT: 6ft 7in
WEIGHT: 204lbs

Like his twin brother, Thompson attended Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale, and started a path to the NBA from there. He thrived as a junior, quickly making a name for himself with some impressive traits early in his career. He was able to make an impact no matter what lineup was on the floor. He averaged 22.6 points, 7.2 rebounds and 3.4 assists per game in his junior year, quickly gathering plenty of interest from some big schools.

Instead of heading down the collegiate path, he joined his brother in opting to join the Overtime City Reapers in the Overtime League, and has been honing his craft since joining the team.

At six-foot-seven, Thompson offers plenty of height if played at the two, although he can shift to a forward position if needed, offering flexibility for many interested teams.

An outstanding defender, he can rotate with ease, and possesses lightning-fast reflexes, so he often chips in for a steal or two each game. Thompson is often tasked with guarding the opposition’s best player from one through three, and is quite tough to shake.

Offensively, he can operate as a secondary ball-handler, and either create his own shot or make the right pass. A strong slasher, he is tough to stop going downhill, especially with the height and reach that he brings. One facet of his game that stands above his brother is his shooting, as he is a step ahead of his namesake in that area, so he may be preferred.

Thompson and his brother are both strong prospects, but offer different weapons to their respective games, making him just as enticing a selection.

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