WNBL 2021/22 Season Preview – Townsville Fire

THE 2021 Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) returns on December 4, meaning it is time for our season previews to begin. Today is the Townsville Fire, who were so close to claiming the title, but ultimately finished 2nd in 2020.


2020 Finish: 2nd

Recruits: Monique Billings (WNBA), Micaela Cocks (returns from maternity leave), Alecia Sutton (WNBA)

Squad list:

Lauren Nicholson
Stephanie Reid
Courtney Woods
Mia Murray
Carla Drennen
Nadeen Payne
Lara McSpadden
Zitina Aokuso
Aliza Fabbro
Monique Billings
Micaela Cocks

The Fire had the entire competition in their backyard last season, as North Queensland was used as the home for the 2020 season in a hub.

Townsville almost went all the way in 2020 as well, and will be looking to go one step further this season after finishing runner up to the Flyers last time around.

Although they have lost three key players from last season’s squad, they have gained some talent in return.

Shyla Heal has joined Sydney, Meg McKay has joined Bendigo and Kate Gaze went to the Flyers.

On the flip side, they gain 2020 WNBA draftee Alecia Sutton and Atlanta Dream forward Monique Billings, while Micaela Cocks returns from maternity leave.

In the 2021 WNBA season, Billings made 100 field goals during the season for the first time, and had 200+ total rebounds. Within that total rebounds tally, there were 88 total offensive rebounds for 2.8 per game. This was the third most in the whole league for the season.

Sutton was originally drafted by the Washington Mystics in 2020, but is now a free agent.

Unfortunately for the Fire, they weren’t able to play any practise matches in the lead up to the 2021/22 season.

First up this season they’ve got the Adelaide Lightning, who they beat in their second last match of the season in 2020.

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