Young Gun Spotlight: NBL – Semi-finals

WHILE it was not the most exciting National Basketball League (NBL) semi-final battles over the weekend, some of the competitions young stars were shining. A lot of our leagues youngsters were included on the bench, with some getting looks. Brian Bowen was competitive for the Kings, as was Tom Wilson in their losses. The other team to lose, Brisbane, were assisted by AJ Davis. The team’s into the Grand Final – Perth and Melbourne – have talent on the bench, but greater firepower were selected over them across their games.

Sydney Kings – #11 Brian Bowen

A slow start to his first playoff appearance, only grabbing two points at Melbourne Arena. However, Bowen was good otherwise with five rebounds (two offensive) and three assists – the equal-most of Sydney this game. Adding to a defensive game, he saw himself grab a steal and two blocks. Bowen managed 13 and a half minutes in the Kings second loss of the series and contributed well for his first post-season. He put up five points, but scored the second-highest rebounds of his team with six, two of those being offensive rebounds.

Brisbane Bullets – #11 AJ Davis

Davis had a great game against the Wildcats in Perth. In almost 18 minutes he scored seven points at 60 per cent and the second-most team rebounds with six (two being on the offensive end). In Brisbane, he finished with eight points (80% from inside). He had four rebounds and a block and steal each too.

Sydney Kings – #7 Tom Wilson

Not the best series for Wilson who played four minutes in total across the two games, and didn’t score a basket. He only put up one shot in each game, but at home on Sunday, he added an assist. In a positive, he ended both games with a +/- of one, despite the Kings being comprehensibly beaten.

Melbourne United – #14 Tohi Smith-Miller

The United forward, like Wilson wasn’t used a lot during the series. With only three minutes court time overall, he did put up two shots but didn’t convert either.

Melbourne United – #55 Venky Jois

Jois had a nice start to the series, shooting one of one for two points in Melbourne, a game which included a defensive rebound. He did see any court time in Sydney though.

Perth Wildcats – #26 Rhys Vague

Another young guy who didn’t see much time on court, two minutes in the first game, where he pulled down one rebound. Vague didn’t play against the Bullets in Brisbane.

Melbourne United – #30 Sam McDaniel

McDaniel was on court in both games, but didn’t make a dent on the scoreboard, nor did he have any rebounds or assists.

Brisbane Bullets – #12 Will Magnay

Like others, he played in the loss in Perth for two minutes but didn’t put down any stats, and had no time in Brisbane.

Perth Wildcats – #10 Kyle Bowen

Bowen played more than a minute and a half at home for one rebound, in his third game of the season.

Perth Wildcats – #9 Wani Swaka Lo Buluk

Another player who didn’t see any action, he’s only played three games this season.

Brisbane Bullets – #4 Tyrell Harrison

Harrison was part of the side in Brisbane but didn’t get on court, and wasn’t included in the squad for the Perth trip.

Melbourne United – #5 Sam Short

Short played two minutes in Melbourne, but didn’t make a dent on the stats sheet.

Brisbane Bullets – #9 Callum Dalton

Dalton was part of the squad in Brisbane, but didn’t get on the court for the Bullets loss.

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