2022 VNSL Club Power Rankings: Round 11

IN a new article for the 2022 Vitality Netball Superleague (VNSL) season, Rookie Me Central will take a look at Club Power Rankings. The rankings will focus on goal difference (starting with last season’s goal difference) to predict the results in each match. Then, from the actual results, teams will either gain or lose points if they achieved the predicted goal difference. Naturally as teams win by more, the expected goal difference will increase, and vice-versa for the losers. From this point on, the calculations are focusing on the 2022 expected wins and goals.



#1 Manchester Thunder (+1)

Ladder leaders and the sole remaining undefeated side in the Thunder made their way back to the top of the table thanks to wins over the Lightning and last placed Celtic Dragons. Though the more recent nine-goal win over the Dragons was exactly the predicted margin, the victory over the Lightning allowed the Thunder to advance past the Pulse after they suffered a heavy loss to the Lightning.

#2 Loughborough Lightning (+1)

The Lightning grabbed second spot in our Power Rankings after a smashing 20-goal victory over London Pulse. Expected to win by two goals, the Lightning put up a massive effort to run out 64-44 winners, and grab 18 points for the Power Rankings to be only a point off the Thunder. Their eight-goal win over Leeds Rhinos lost them 0.5, but they easily retained second spot.

#3 London Pulse (-2)

A rough few weeks for the Pulse who copped back-to-back defeats against the top two sides, but the 20-goal loss at the hands of the Lightning was the breaking point for this list. Though perhaps deserving earlier based on their ladder position, the previously in-form Pulse had held top spot for a couple of weeks in this Power Rankings, but have slipped to third with the loss of 18 points.

#4 Surrey Storm (-)

One of only two sides not to move after the two rounds, Surrey Storm remains in fourth spot, having acquired 11.5 points. The Storm took care of Severn Stars with a 16-goal win, easily clearing the expected 4.5-goal difference to retain fourth spot and sit 11 points clear of fifth placed Team Bath.

#5 Team Bath (+1)

Building a resurgence back up the Power Rankings table, Team Bath moved to within 11 points of fourth spot, having gained 14 from their in over Strathclyde Sirens. Predicted to win by three goals, Bath stormed to a 17-goal victory, having secured 14 points points for the Power Rankings, and moving ahead of the Sirens who slipped back two spots.

#6 Saracens Mavericks (+2)

Similar to Bath, the Saracens Mavericks have had a tough run of late, and now they can build some form to move back up the Power Rankings slotting into sixth after rising above both the Sirens and Wasps Netball. The previously eighth ranked side in this list, the Mavericks took the Wasps to the cleaners with a 19-goal victory, and gained 18 points in the process to move into a positive score of 5.95, 19 clear of seventh spot.

#7 Strathclyde Sirens (-2)

Not the result they would have liked, the Strathclyde Sirens went down to Team Bath by 17 goals. Though predicted to lose in a narrow one, Strathclyde suffered the 57-40 loss and dropped two places in an even Power Rankings mid-table. They still sit 10 points clear of eighth placed Wasps, but are now 19 points adrift of the top six.

#8 Wasps Netball (-1)

The Wasps dropped back a place off the back of the 19-goal loss to the Mavericks, with the Mavericks and Bath both gaining significant ground, whilst the Wasps slipped further back. Though still well safe of the bottom three, the Wasps now have a score of -24.98 and will be looking to bounce back after dropping 18 points.

#9 Celtic Dragons (+1)

Surprisingly moving up a spot despite two losses, Celtic Dragons really showed grit at home against Manchester Thunder to break even with the nine-goal result. Tipped to lose by exactly that margin, there was no support lost for the Welsh side who moved up thanks to Leeds Rhinos dropping back. The Dragons also came close to the Storm, only losing by one goal allowing them to be boosted from the result.

#10 Leeds Rhinos (-1)

The Leeds Rhinos slightly slipped back a spot, but there is not much in it with the 10th placed side only 0.17 points behind the Dragons. The Rhinos lost to Loughborough Lightning by eight goals, which actually boosted them 0.5 points, but it was their 14-goal loss to London Pulse in Round 10 that really hurt.

#11 Severn Stars (-)

Retaining last placed and one of only two sides to not move after two rounds were completed in between the Power Rankings, the Stars are now quite comfortably the least in-form team in the competition. Whilst the Dragons are pushing their opponents to the limit, the Stars suffered a 16-goal loss to Surrey Storm – the only team the Stars have managed to beat this season – to sink to nine consecutive losses, drop 18 points and are now 24 points further away from the top 10 spots on this list.

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