2022 VNSL club preview: Celtic Dragons

AFTER a winning just one game in 2021, the Celtic Dragons are hoping to rise back up the ladder in 2022 with good depth up either end. Here is a look at how the side is shaping up into the new year with the squad and fixtures.

>> VNSL 2022 Team preview: Celtic Dragons

2022 SQUAD:


Shaquanda Greene (GD/GK)
Lucy Howells (GD/GK/WD)
Nia Jones (GD/WD)
Hannah Leighton (GD/GK)
Annabel Roddy (GD/GK/WD)
Leila Thomas (GD/GK)


Celyn Emanuel (C)
Clare Jones (C/WD/WA)
Shona O’Dwyer (C/WA)


Louise Marsden (GA/WA)
Lefébre Rademan (GA/WA)
Eleanor Roberts (GA/GS)
Georgia Rowe (GS)
Laura Rudland (GA/WA)
Katarina Short (GA/GS)

Though the Dragons have a lot of depth that can roll through the respective circles, the likes of Leighton has shown she can equally play midcourt as she did for Scotland last month. Rademan gained great touch with South Africa at the recent Quad Series, whilst the Dragons appointed their leaders earlier this week with Jones announced as captain.


R1: vs. Manchester Thunder
R2: vs. Saracens Mavericks
R3: vs. Loughborough Lightning
R4: vs. Leeds Rhinos
R5: vs. London Pulse
R6: vs. Severn Stars
R9: vs. Strathclyde Sirens
R10: vs. Surrey Storm
R11: vs. Manchester Thunder
R12: vs. Saracens Mavericks
R15: vs. London Pulse
R17: vs. Severn Stars
R17: vs. Wasps
R18: vs.Team Bath
R19: vs. Strathclyde Sirens
R20: vs. Surrey Storm

LAST SEASON: 11th (1-19)


Though the CeltIc Dragons do not have as many non-Welsh international representatives as other sides, they have brought in a few fresh faces who will hopefully drive the side to a couple more wins. It is anticipated they will still finish low down the ladder, but have some burgeoning young talents who could be ones to watch for the future.

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