2022 VNSL club preview: Leeds Rhinos

THE Vitality Netball Superleague (VNSL)’s newest club, Leeds Rhinos, is coming off an impressive 2021 season, playing finals in its first full year. Over the off-season, the Rhinos had a change of coach, and a few squad moves, to try and reinvigorate the side to remain in the hunt for the 2022 title.

>> VNSL 2022 Team preview: Leeds Rhinos

2022 SQUAD:


Rebekah Airey (GD/GK)
Tuaine Keenan (GD/GK)
Paige Kindred (GD/GK)
Michelle Magee (GD/GK/WD)
Vicki Oyesola (GD/WD)


Jade Clarke (C/WD)
Amelia Hall (C/GA/WA)
Emily Hollingworth (C/WD)
Lydia Walker (C/WD)


Sigrid Burger (GA/GS)
Amy Clinton (GA/GS)
Brittany Coleman (GA/GS)
Rhea Dixon (GA/GS/WA)
Brie Tyler Grierson (GA/WA)
Sienna Rushton (GA/GS)

The Rhinos have essentially swapped out towering shooters with the departure of reliable tall Australian Donnell Wallam, for in-form South African, Burger. The Rhinos also said goodbye to Fionnuala Toner and Katie Harris who departed for other clubs, whilst Airey and Clinton sured up the defensive end. The other major change is off the court, with Tracey Robinson replacing Dan Ryan at the helm of the Rhinos.


R1: vs. Loughborough Lightning
R3: vs. Strathclyde Sirens
R3: vs. Team Bath
R4: vs. Celtic Dragons
R5: vs. Surrey Storm
R6: vs. Wasps Netball
R7: vs. Severn Stars
R7: vs. Manchester Thunder
R9: vs. Saracens Mavericks
R10: vs. London Pulse
R11: vs. Loughborough Lightning
R12: vs. Strathclyde Sirens
R13: vs. Celtic Dragons
R14: vs. Team Bath
R15: vs. Wasps Netball
R16: vs. Surrey Storm
R17: vs. Manchester Thunder
R18: vs. Severn Stars
R19: vs. Saracens Mavericks
R20: vs. London Pulse

LAST SEASON: 4th (12-8)


Leeds Rhinos were thereabouts in 2021, and look to be a team to watch in 2022. They have filled the holes left by the departures, and the biggest question will be the style Robinson adopts for the new season. One of the teams with strengths in all thirds of the court, and lead by Roses veteran Clarke, expect the Rhinos to not be an easy team to beat this season.

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