2022 VNSL club preview: Saracens Mavericks

GAINING a red-hot international shooter in the wake of a reliable veteran retiring, and the Saracens Mavericks again look like a team to watch in 2022. The Mavericks just missed out on the Vitality Netball Superleague (VNSL) finals series last year, but with minimal changes and an exciting, developing team, there is every chance they make the leap into the top four this season.

>> VNSL 2022 Team preview: Saracens Mavericks

2022 SQUAD:


Jodie Gibson (GD/WD)
Jameela McCarthy (GD/GK)
Razia Quashie (GD/GK)
Beatrice Skingsley (GD/WD)
Aliyah Zaranyika (GD/WD)


Bella Bayliss (C/WA)
Sasha Corbin (C/WA)
Beth Ecuyer-Dale (C/WD/WA)
Georgia Lees (WA)
Gabriella Marshall (C/WA)


Britney Clarke (GS)
Kadeen Corbin (GA/GS)
Chloe Essam (GA/GS)
Yasmin Hodge-England (GA/GS)
Ine-Mari Venter (GA/GS)

Saracens Mavericks have a strong side across the board, with some talented defenders, slick midcourts and reliable shooters. Venter replaces the retired Jo Trip, and was the only main inclusion to the squad, with Hodge-England also coming across as a training partner from Surrey Storm.


R1: vs. Wasps Netball
R2: vs. Celtic Dragons
R3: vs. London Pulse
R4: vs. Severn Stars
R5: vs. Manchester Thunder
R6: vs. Loughborough Lightning
R7: vs. Strathclyde Sirens
R8: vs. Surrey Storm
R9: vs. Leeds Rhinos
R10: vs. Team Bath
R11: vs. Wasps Netball
R12: vs. Celtic Dragons
R13: vs. Severn Stars
R14: vs. London Pulse
R15: vs. Loughborough Lightning
R17: vs. Strathclyde Sirens
R18: vs. Surrey Storm
R18: vs. Manchester Thunder
R19: vs. Leeds Rhinos
R20: vs. Team Bath

LAST SEASON: 6th (11-8-1)


Saracens Mavericks only finished two points outside the top four, with a draw to Strathclyde Sirens seeing them fall short of being equal fourth with Leeds Rhinos. Still, an 11-8-1 record has them within striking distance of a finals series, and 2022 could be their year if the Mavericks can crack into the top four.

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