2022 VNSL club preview: Strathclyde Sirens

WITH one of the most stable off-seasons of any Vitality Netball Superleague (VNSL) club, the Strathclyde Sirens would be hoping continuity can spur them into the top four. Finishing sixth last season, the Sirens were just four points off a finals spot, and had a couple of draws with some mid-table rivals that would have made the difference had they collected the wins.

>> VNSL 2022 Team preview: Strathclyde Sirens

2022 SQUAD:


Rachel Conway (GK)
Sarah Macphail (GD)
Emily Nicholl (GD/WD)
Abigail Tyrrell (GD/GK/WD)
Towera Vinkhumbo (GD/GK)


Gia Abernethy (C/WD/WA)
Kelly Boyle (C/WD/WA)
Bethany Dix (C/WA)
Claire Maxwell (C/WD)
Nicola McCleery (C/WA)
Taylor McKevitt (C/GD/WD)


Emma Barrie (GS)
Lynsey Gallagher (GA/GS/WA)
Bethan Goodwin (GA/GS)
Niamh McCall (GA/WA)

Strathclyde Sirens have plenty going for them in the sense that an international series with the Scottish Thistles, helped the majority of players get prepared for the upcoming season. They have even depth across the board, and good connections, with Celtic Dragons’ Tyrrell coming on board as the main inclusion, whilst their training partners picked up some international experience.


R1: vs. Team Bath
R2: vs. Wasps Netball
R3: vs. Leeds Rhinos
R4: vs. Manchester Thunder
R5: vs. Loughborough Lightning
R6: vs. Surrey Storm
R7: vs. Saracens Mavericks
R8: vs. London Pulse
R9: vs. Celtic Dragons
R10: vs. Severn Stars
R11: vs. Team Bath
R12: vs. Leeds Rhinos
R13: vs. Manchester Thunder
R15: vs. Loughborough Lightning
R16: vs. Surrey Storm
R17: vs. Saracens Mavericks
R18: vs. London Pulse
R19: vs. Celtic Dragons
R20: vs. Wasps Netball
R20: vs. Severn Stars

LAST SEASON: 6th (10-8-2)


Strathclyde Sirens have every possibility of making the top four, with a team good enough to do it after a year on with solid connections. A great blend of youth and experience – including the returning Maxwell – should see them try and force their way into finals action off the back of a good season. Four of their first five games are against likely finalists, which will give the Sirens a good benchmark as to where they site. If they can be in a good position on the run home, their last month and a half has the potential to rack up some good wins.

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