Captain’s Thoughts: 2023 Super Netball Grand Final

TODAY is the big day. The 2023 Suncorp Super Netball Grand Final.

Ahead of the decider tonight, have a read of some pre-game thoughts from the captains of the two competing teams Hannah Petty and Maddy Proud, who spoke yesterday ahead of tonight’s game.

Thunderbirds-logoThunderbirdsCentre, Wing Defence

Hannah Petty

aus Australia

Height: 177cm

Weight: -

DOB: 27

On being a South Australian leading a South Australian team into the SSN Grand Final

“It’s been a long time since the T’Birds have been in a Grand Final and it’s been a struggle at times, but we’re so happy to finally be where we want to be. We’re a proud club and we’ve got a rich history. “We want to go out there and do the club proud on the weekend and it’s extra special that we do have quite a few South Australians born and bred in the team and they know the history of the club really well and also that’s an exciting factor that we do have.”

On getting belief from their semi-final performance despite not having much finals experience

“We haven’t played a lot of finals in our team, the experience is probably little, but at the same time I think that’s a positive. We go in feeling very excited, we don’t know what to expect so that can be a really good thing and knowing that we can run over the top of teams in the last quarter is a great factor and we never give up, and that’s something that could be key to this game.”

On whether they are worried about their track record at John Cain Arena

“No, it probably doesn’t. I mean we lost both games yes, but it’s a different challenge this weekend. We’re not playing a Victorian team so that’s something we don’t have to worry about and their home crowds, so we’re going into it with a lot of excitement. The coach is probably more worried about it than we are rather than the winning streak, but we’re going in full of confidence.”


Maddy Proud

aus Australia

Height: 174cm

Weight: -

DOB: 30

On how this week has been

“I’s been great, it’s gone really fast. I think we’re all very excited to get to Melbourne yesterday and I think that’s when it really sunk in. I think obviously we got over the excitement of Saturday night’s game and then pretty quickly switched into business, but it’s been a great week and we also talked about the last Grand Final we played it was in a hub so we didn’t actually get to enjoy that real build up and get everything you get to experience in that whole week so it’s been awesome to be here and can’t wait for tomorrow night.”

On how the Swifts are feeling mentally and physically after having to play more games than Adelaide to get to the Grand Final

“I think we obviously had the two extremes on both ends. I think the game against the Thunderbirds we were probably in a bit more control throughout the game and then they pinched it from us at the end. Then on the weekend we probably had no right to win in those dying minutes but we found a way, so we’ve been able to see both ends of the spectrum and just hoping that tomorrow we don’t have to go down to the wire and no extra time tomorrow would be nice, but yeah feeling really excited and really prepared.”

On expectations about whether the Melbourne crowd will favour Adelaide simply because the Swifts are from NSW

“We said geographically it’s worked out well that Melbourne’s in the middle of Sydney and Adelaide. I think a lot of people are driving from either state or flying over and the trip’s probably a similar distance for both. I know that between a lot of the Swifts, I think mainly the staff, Briony’s got about three quarters of Sydney coming to the game so we’re hoping that just with the Swifts fans we’ll be able to get enough. You never really know in those games, I think being a sell out means that a lot of people probably bought tickets before they even knew who was going to be in the game and we just hope that maybe today at captain’s run we can you know schmooze a few fans and turn them over to the red.”

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