Contrasting margins, but all make their mark on the ladder

ROUND 15 of the VNL saw quite the contrast in results across the league, with margins at the small and large ends of the scale, but all playing their part in how the ladder may end up.

In the match of the round, the margin fit the former description, with the North East Blaze edging to victory against the Boroondara Express by a single goal.

Despite the Express dominating early, it did not amount to much as the Blaze fought back, tightened things up and ultimately took the win.

It was the Express who made the stronger start and got out to an early lead.

Defensive turnovers to the Express and some good short, sharp passes around circle edge meant that the Express’ early lead was as much as five goals.

Things went from bad to worse for the Blaze as the quarter progressed.

They continued to keep giving away too many easy turnovers in attack, and the Express were able to really able to capitalise on those gains and pile on the pain on the scoreboard.

The Blaze finally kicked into gear towards the end of the quarter though, and cut the gap significantly.

From a margin that was upwards of as much as 10 goals, the Express’ lead had been reduced to a mere five goals by the time quarter time came around.

The second quarter started fairly evenly, but the Express started to get fumbly around their forward circle.

Thanks to some very smooth shooting from the likes of Nyah Allen meant the margin got down to as low as four goals for much of the quarter, but some equally smooth shooting up the end from the likes of Ruby Barkmeyer meant that the Blaze just could not bridge the gap.

That was until the final four minutes of the quarter, when the Blaze were able to get the gap down to as low as two.

The Blaze had a chance on the half time siren to close the gap even further, but the shot ultimately missed and so the margin was two goals at the main break.

The Blaze got off to a great start in the third term, and by the time the middle of the term rolled around the scores were even.

The Blaze did manage to pinch a lead during the quarter, but the Express then rallied and retook the lead.

They ultimately held a one goal lead at the final change, but it really was still anyone’s game.

The Express got out to the quicker start in the final term and extended their lead out slightly, but the Blaze reeled them back in as quickly as the Express had extended out their lead.   

It remained tight for much of the quarter, with no clear picture as to who would ultimately emerge victorious. 

It came down to the final ten seconds, when after multiple turnovers in the final term Allen ultimately nailed the match winning goal.

For the Blaze, defenders Kaitlyn Black and Ruby Turner were really impressive, while Georgia Moody’s agility and mobility in the circle was crucial in securing the win.

Meanwhile for the Express their defenders in Michelle Massarany and Sophie Shoebridge were also impressive, as was Casey Adamson out in centre.

In other clashes, the City West Falcons had a much easier time of things, finishing almost double the score of the Peninsula Waves, while there are still two clashes to come in the Championship division later this week.


City West Falcons (93) defeated Peninsula Waves (47)
Boroondara Express (60) lost to North East Blaze (61)
Casey Demons vs. Ariels
Hawks Netball vs. Southern Saints
Geelong Cougars vs. Melbourne University Lightning

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