Derby take two proves history never repeats

THE second Sydney Derby of the 2022 Suncorp Super Netball has gone very differently to the first time around, with the NSW Swifts defeating the GIANTS 52 to 43.

The first quarter was one of swinging momentums.

The Swifts got the better start, before the GIANTS surged forward and then the Swifts retook the lead.

Maddy Proud was running amok in the Swifts forward line and her side was benefitting from it, and so took a five goal lead into the first break.

The Swifts started to get on top in the second term, and as a result their lead continued to grow.

Their speed down the court, combined with the GIANTS’ very stationary forward third and lack of defence meant that the Swifts’ were doing things very easily.

The lead got out to as much as eight in the quarter, but at the main break it sat at six in favour of the Swifts.

The GIANTS made a few changes in the midcourt at half time to try and turn things around for them.

It worked to an extent, as although they were still behind on the scoreboard, the margin narrowed, and Amy Parmenter was ensuring the likes of Proud were not having such a dangerous effect on the game.

Momentum then started to shift towards the GIANTS, and they almost pegged the Swifts’ lead back. They got within two but despite Jo Harten being on fire from super shot range, some late shots from the Swifts meant the margin stood at five in favour of the Swifts at the final change.

The final quarter was a low scoring affair, with only 16 goals scored between the sides. Not even a gash to the head to Paige Hadley or a scoreless final few minutes could stop the Swifts though, who came away with the win and the smiles on the Swifts’ faces at the final siren were obvious for all to see.

Both sides are in Sydney again next weekend. The Swifts face the Thunderbirds, while the GIANTS face the Vixens.

GIANTS NETBALL              12 | 12 | 13 | 6 (43)
NSW SWIFTS                     17 | 13 | 12 | 10 (52)


GIANTS Netball:

GS: Jo Harten
GA: Sophie Dwyer
WA: Maddie Hay
C: Jamie-Lee Price
WD: Amy Parmenter
GD: April Brandley
GK: Tilly McDonnell

NSW Swifts:

GS: Helen Housby
GA: Kelly Singleton
WA: Paige Hadley
C: Maddy Proud
WD: Tayla Fraser
GD: Maddy Turner
GK: Sarah Klau

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