Games of the Weekend | June 21 – 24

IT might be finals time in the UK, but in Australia and New Zealand there is still plenty of the season to go.



Northern Mystics vs. WBOP Magic 
Monday at 7:30pm
The Trusts Arena, Auckland

With a peculiar ladder mirroring-esque situation going on over the weekend, the match of the round is actually third against fourth as the Mystics host the Magic.

There is very little that split the sides on the ladder at the moment (a goal difference of nine and a percentage gap of 1.7), and with the gap to the top two already at a decent size, these two sides cannot afford for that gap to grow any further.

The weekend will be meeting number three between the sides so far this season.

Meeting one was back in Round 1, where the Mystics were ultimately the victorious ones, but the Magic were actually the better side for much of the match but let the Mystics get back into the match late and it ultimately slipped away from them.

Back in Round 6 the Mystics were again victorious, with a slow start costing the Magic big time despite a second half come back.

The matchup will see the battle of the Silver Ferns leadership, with Ameliaranne Ekenasio and Phoenix Karaka likely to be a direct match up at goal attack and goal defence respectively. These two are competitive staple members of the New Zealand national side, so expect an enthralling battle between the pair on Monday night.


Southern Steel vs. Mainland Tactix | Saturday, 4pm @ ILT Stadium Southland, Invercargill
Central Pulse vs. Northern Stars | Sunday, 4pm @ Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua


The previews for the Semi Finals of the 2024 Netball Super League season will be released tomorrow.



Adelaide Thunderbirds vs. Melbourne Mavericks
Saturday at 7pm 
Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Although other matchups over the weekend have bigger history and bigger rivalries involved, the clash between the Thunderbirds and Mavericks is arguably more intriguing.

As things sit at the moment, the Thunderbirds are currently in third on the ladder, three games clear inside the top four. The Mavericks are currently in fifth, but mere percentage out of finals and still very much in the race.

Last time these two sides met it was a huge win to the Thunderbirds, but It came just a week after the Mavericks earned a huge win in Queensland.

Looking to this week they come into a clash with the Thunderbirds off the back of a big win in Queensland the week prior, albeit t was big because of the margin, not the context. Will history repeat itself again and the Thunderbirds come away the big winners?

One of, if not the biggest determining factor to the result of this match is the Jamaicans involved.

Shimona Jok has been in massive form since coming into the Mavericks side more permanently, but she is going to have a huge challenge for the clash, trying to counter the might that is the combination of Shamera Sterling-Humphrey and Latanya Wilson. Jok will not be able to do it on her own, so will really need her shooting partner – whether that be Eleanor Cardwell or Gabby Sinclair – to really step up and share the load properly.


Queensland Firebirds vs. West Coast Fever | Saturday, 5pm @ Nissan Arena
Melbourne Vixens vs. NSW Swifts | Sunday, 2pm @ John Cain Arena
Sunshine Coast Lightning vs. GIANTS Netball | Sunday, 4pm @ UniSC Arena


There are no scheduled fixtures in the SSN Reserves this weekend.

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