It’s the Final(s) Calculator! SSN Edition

THERE is only one fortnight left in this year’s Suncorp Super Netball season, but there are still so many questions left to be answered.

One of those is who will make finals. Half of the finalists have been determined, but that still leaves two spots left to fill, with five teams still in contention to fill them.

So, let us take a look through each of the eight teams, see where they currently sit and what they need to do to make the post season.

Currently, the Lightning are the only team who officially can no longer made finals.

With many of the teams in the logjam above them playing each other, there is just no way the Lightning can make up the difference in wins to sneak in.

Now here comes the interesting part of the equation. The teams currently sitting fourth to seventh – Queensland, Adelaide, NSW and Collingwood – are all on the same number of wins, percentage is the only thing that separates them.

The other interesting element to all of this is that the Firebirds and Swifts play each other in the final round, so that may become an elimination final for the two sides. 

Out of those teams, the team with the toughest run home from here is Adelaide, who have to beat both of the top two sides in order to even still be contention to make finals.

In all likelihood it will come down to percentage to see which teams make it, and with a goal equating to roughly 0.13 in percentage, every goal both for and against is going to count for these sides.

The GIANTS currently sit a game ahead of that chasing pack, so can breathe slightly easier but cannot rest on their laurels just yet.

Their place in the finals is far from secure. If any of the chasing pack win both their matches and the GIANTS lose both of theirs, they will not make finals.

They may be able to make it in on one win in the last fortnight, but that would most likely come down to percentage, which will favour the GIANTS over many of the other clubs who do not have percentages nearly as good as the orange and charcoal.

The only two teams whose spot in the finals is secure are the Fever and Vixens.

For the Fever, one more win and their place in the Major Semi Final is secured. They are still a chance to host the Major Semi Final, but if the Vixens win even only one of their last two matches, the Fever can kiss that dream goodbye.

For the Vixens however, they are guaranteed a place in the Major Semi Final already, the question now is whether they will host the Semi Final or not. As previously mentioned, one more win and that honour is all theirs, or if the Fever lose at least one of their last two matches.

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