New era dawns as NSL 2.0 clubs revealed

IT has been a big 24 hours in British netball, with the Netball Super League revealing which eight clubs will be continuing into its new, more professionalised era.

Although the Super League currently has 10 sides in the competition, this will be reduced down to eight in 2025.

The eight clubs in the new version of the Super League are:

1. Birmingham Panthers

2. Cardiff Dragons

3. Leeds Rhinos

4. London Mavericks

5. London Pulse

6. Loughborough Lightning

7. Manchester Thunder

8. Nottingham Forest Netball

Of the eight teams, six are current NSL clubs, while two new teams enter the competition, with four 2024 sides not continuing in the competition.

Cardiff Dragons, Leeds Rhinos, London Mavericks, London Pulse, Loughborough Lightning and Manchester Thunder are the six clubs from 2024 remaining in 2025. The London Mavericks is a new name for what is now known as the Saracens Mavericks, with a new ownership group set to take ownership of the franchise.

The Birmingham Panthers and Nottingham Forest Netball are the two new clubs. The Panthers are set to have a partnership with the University of Worcester, while Forrest is owned by the English Premier League club of the same name.

This means that the four clubs not continuing on in the Super League are the Surrey Storm, Severn Stars, Strathclyde Sirens and Team Bath.

There are also three other big changes to note ahead of the relaunch. One of those is the squad sizes, with the clubs moving from squads of 12 down to 10, which is the number Australian Suncorp Super Netball clubs have in their squads.

There will also be a push to get more games into bigger stadiums, and the player’s pay will increase by at least 60 per cent.

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