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Rahni Samason


height: 184cm

D.O.B: 31-01-1998

A developing goaler with plenty of long range capability and flair, Samason is set to showcase just what she is capable of with greater, more consistent court time in 2022. Elevated off the training partner list and having stepped up to an injury replacement role for a couple of games during the 2021 season, Samason more than proved what she offers to the Vixens with her smooth movement, calm and composed temperament and accuracy to post paving the way. Though typically playing back in goal shooter with her footwork and long reach suited to the role, Samason proved during her limited opportunities that she has the capacity to play out in goal attack for short stints, and with greater training time and an improved endurance base, she could become a consistent threat in goal attack.

Samason has more than shown that she is a readymade prospect who does not need to sit on the bench to learn, and can provide a cover for either position within the Vixens goal circle such is her netball IQ and ability to adjust her game within a split second. Unafraid of taking the long range shot or testing the boundaries with her movement, Samason has showcased her flair and ability to step up under pressure, using her smarts to know when to go, while her great footwork and anticipation should see her put to good use in 2022.

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