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Shamera Sterling


height: 190cm

D.O.B: 21-10-1995

ARGUABLY one of the biggest stars in international netball at the moment, the 24-year-old Jamaican jumped onto the international scene with her daring and personality and has not looked back since. Sterling is a player that has the whole crowd holding their breath, waiting for her to make that big show-stopping intercept that will change the game - and nine times out of 10, she will do just that, making her an excitement machine working off the crowd with confidence coming in drove.

Standing at 190cm, Sterling is all arms and legs but makes it work, with an impressive burst of speed proving crucial in defence while her phenomenal hands over pressure makes her a massive threat to any player she comes across. Unfazed going into the contest, Sterling is quick and agile and while she finds herself contesting plenty of ball, her relative cleanliness is impressive. With plenty of personality coming out on the court, Sterling has plenty to improve on in the attitude department but that just goes to show how much room she still has to grow - making her a massive point of development with more time on the international stage.  

Sterling has the speed off the stop to be the crucial link for any defensive unit, finding a load of loose ball with her long limbs and timing to intercept or deflect and gather the netball to take control and send the ball back up to attack. Sterling ended her debut Suncorp Super Netball season at the top of the 2019 leaderboard for deflections and defensive rebounds, storming onto the court and well and truly making each match her own with an ability to dominate the contest and change up the game with ease.

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