PREVIEW | NSL Round 8 2024 – Two months down already

IT is now two months into the Netball Super League season, and the excitement and intrigue just continues to grow.


Team Bath vs Leeds Rhinos

It is not often that a match between the eighth and nine sides on the ladder is the match of the round, but this is a crucial clash for both these sides this week.

It is two months into the season now, and between them they have only three wins to their name. If they do not get a move on now, they may have very little to show for this season in the end.

For the Rhinos, it is not the shooting end that is letting them down, for they are shooting almost as many goals as the fourth placed Pulse and fifth placed Mavericks. However, their defence has let through the seventh highest amount of goals this season to leave them with a -1 goal difference. On the flipside, Bath need to fix both their shooting numbers and their goals against numbers to drastically drop their -159 goal difference.

Joyce Mvula has been one of the recruits of the season, but will certainly have her work cut out for her against Jayda Pechova this week. Pechova’s aerial ability means that the Rhinos midcourters need to be creative in their feeding of Mvula.

The midcourt battles are sure to be entertaining too. The battle of the wing attacks will be crucial, with the Rhinos hoping Caroline O’Hanlon is back from injury this week and able to have more of an influence than her Bath counterpart Bethan Dyke.


Loughborough Lightning vs Cardiff Dragons

After what happened last week, if Cardiff could have picked its opponent for this week it would not have been the Lightning. After the Lightning did to the Sirens last week what the Pulse did to the Dragons last week, will history repeat itself or will the Dragons bounce back?

London Pulse vs Strathclyde Sirens

Much like the Lightning and Dragons clash, after last week’s clashes will this one also be lopsided? The Sirens have not got close to winning all year, while the Pulse are in a solid run of form at the moment.

Saracens Mavericks vs Manchester Thunder

The Thunder responded to their first loss for 2024 impressively last week, but how will they do against a fired up Mavericks? The Mavericks will be annoyed they did not get over the line last week, so will be fired up to ensure history does not repeat again this week.

Severn Stars vs Surrey Storm

These two sides were on opposite sides of tight results last week, but how will this weekend’s clash go? After last week the Stars will be breathing a sigh of relief, but how will they go against a frustrated Storm?

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