Rhinos charge home as Manchester continues to Thunder

SOME teams truly did feel the curse of Round 13 in the Netball Super League over the weekend, but for others the round brought more luck than the superstition may suggest.

Leeds bounce back from heartbreak in big way

After suffering the ultimate regular season pain last week, the Rhinos bounced back on to the winners list in a big way, downing the Saracens Mavericks by 10 goals.

The Mavericks were the ones that led early, but the Rhinos flipped the script of the entire game with a 19 goal to 10 second term to take the lead. The third and fourth terms were a lot more even, but crucially for the Rhinos they won both of them.

Geva Mentor stepped in defence for the Rhinos, while Amelia Hall was industrious in mid court. Meanwhile for the Mavericks, Vicki Oyesola was also impressive in defence, as was Aliyah Zaranyika in mid court.

Pulse weather Storm

The London Pulse continued to keep pace with the top two after they defeated Surrey Storm by five goals. It was a pretty tight match right the way through, with the margin often no more than a couple of goals. However, crucially for the Pulse they led at every change to take the win.

Olivia Tchine brought the accuracy and the volume under the ring for the Pulse, while Funmi Fadoju again shone in defence. On the other side of the equation, Rachel Fee and Bethany Dix starred for the Storm.

Lightning crush Bath

The Loughborough Lightning flexed their muscles, downing Team Bath by 25 goals. The Lightning were on the attack early, building a nine goal lead by the time the first change came around. Bath did manage to draw the final term, but by then it was too little too late.

Hannah Joseph was a workhorse for the Lightning, while Beth Cobden also impressed. Meanwhile for Bath, it was their defenders who starred, namely Tash Pavelin and Jayda Pechova.

Stars silence Sirens

The Severn Stars also had a big win, downing the Sirens by 11 goals. The first half of the match really set the tone for the game, with the Stars leading by 17 goals at the main break. The Sirens did manage to fight back a little in the second half, but it was not enough.

Sigrid Burger brought the volume and the accuracy for the Stars, while Jasmine Brown impressed in defence. Meanwhile some of the younger Sirens in Emma Love and Cerys Finn were the ones that stood out.

Manchester Thunders past Dragons

Manchester Thunder maintained their buffer at the top of the table after a 19-goal win over the Dragons. The Thunder’s lead was only seven at the main break, but it exploded after half time after they outscored the Dragons 34 goals to 20 for the half.

Natalie Metcalf saw plenty of the ball in midcourt, while Ella Bowen was industrious in defence. Meanwhile for the Dragons, Elle McDonald and Khanyisa Chawane worked hard to keep their side in the match.

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