SSN Player Focus: Molly Jovic (Collingwood)

COLLINGWOOD secured an important win in the Suncorp Super Netball on the weekend against their crosstown rivals the Melbourne Vixens, and a big part in that success was midcourt star Molly Jovic.

Jovic has a strong season thus far in 2022, and although she has had strong performances, she often flies under the radar as teammates get all the media glory.

Final stats v Melbourne Vixens: 26 feeds, 14 goal assists, nine penalties (all contact), five pickups, two gains

First Quarter

Whilst she was in the attacking third for the Vixens, Jovic displayed a number of positive things that anyone can learn from.

She was displaying strong and physical defence on opponents, and whoever she happened to be defending, whether that be Kate Moloney or Liz Watson, certainly were not going to forget she was there.

Also, if her Vixens’ counterpart Moloney had run back into the centre third for some reason, Jovic did not follow her but instead defended space and congested for the Vixens as they were pressing forward into attack.

She did give away three contacts during the quarter, but she was flying for balls attempting to intercept and was not afraid to give one away in the process.

Second Quarter

Jovic showed in the second term how good she is at adapting her pass type for the different situations she found herself in. She was doing this all quarter, whether it was a long pass from defence into attack or a shorter bounce bass to get around the tall Vixens’ defenders.

There was also one key passage during the second term where she highlighted how good she is at tracking her opponent as they both head down the court. She was running towards defence and Moloney was behind her, yet Jovic was still able to track her and stick with her.

Third Quarter

As the Magpies started to run away with things, Jovic continued to show many of the positives in her game that fans had seen in the opening half.

She was also continuing to prove how much of a running machine she is, playing centre all game up until this point and also just continuing to run flat out, which is not easy to do.

Fourth Quarter

As the Magpies continued to dominate and ultimately run away with the match, Jovic continued to show many of the positives in her game that she had shown for the rest of the match.

Her positioning in space was very good, and her fitness was on full display. She finished out the match in centre, which to play a full game in there is never easy, no matter what level you are playing at.

One other thing she did all game was change up who she gave the centre pass to. While she threw most of them to Kelsey Browne and Sophie Garbin, she was also not afraid to give some to Ash Brazill back in wing defence, which kept the Vixens on their toes all game.

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