Vixens stand up to GIANT comeback to take thriller

IN one of the matches of the season, the Melbourne Vixens prevailed in a nail-biter over GIANTS Netball by three goals in the Suncorp Super Netball (SSN) yesterday. Despite all the challenges the GIANTS had to deal with, they never gave up and sent the match into overtime.

The GIANTS pinched a goal off the very first centre pass, and held next centre to race ahead to a two goal lead. Their lead did not last too long however as the Vixens got the next three to take the lead for themselves.

Much of the quarter was even and back and forth goals, but as the power five approached the GIANTS had a small lead. However again that lead was not meant to be for long for the GIANTS as the Vixens drew level and then took the lead late. At the first break the margin was three in favour of the visitors.

After the break though the Vixens came out firing though. They got a good run on to start the quarter and suddenly the margin was out to eight. The Vixens extended their lead even further out to as much as ten goals in the mid part of the term, but then the GIANTS got the run on late and halved the margin.

GIANTS suffered a huge blow with a couple of minutes to go in the half, with Jo Harten leaving the court for what turned out to be medical reasons. The Vixens capitalised and extended their lead out again. A couple of late super shots to the GIANTS ensured the Vixens’ half time lead was seven goals.

The GIANTS struggled to bridge the gap in the opening half of the third term, as the Vixens were cool, calm and collected and able to stretch their lead out to as much as 10 goals. However, the super shot period saw a very different GIANTS side, as they nailed super shot after super shot to bring the margin right down. The Vixens pegged a few back late to stem the flow and as the teams turned for home, the margin sat at a mere four goals.

It was a very even start to the final term, with the GIANTS keeping pace with the visitors but unable to bridge the gap. Jamie-Lee Price took a spectacular intercept with about thirty seconds to go until the power five period, and it was an instigator a bit of a spectacular run from the GIANTS. Their shooters were on range from Super Shot zone and they took the lead with only a few minutes to go.

Kiera Austin then nailed a super shot of her own to tie things up with just over 30 seconds to go and the crowd’s excitement rose. However, that would be the final score of the quarter as the score remained a draw and the teams went into extra time. It went goal for goal for the opening few minutes, with no obvious signs as to who would win.

Then the Vixens and their class really rose to the stop, established a couple of goal lead and went on to take the win.

For the Vixens, Mwai Kumwenda shot at 100% for the game, while Jo Weston was again excellent in defence. Meanwhile for the GIANTS, Matisse Letherbarrow really stepped up after Harten had to come off, shooting an impressive nine super shots.  

Next round sees the Vixens off to Perth to face the Fever, while the GIANTS face the Magpies.

GIANTS NETBALL 10 | 14 | 10 | 17 | 3 (63)
MELBOURNE VIXENS 13 | 18 | 16 | 13 | 6 (66)


GIANTS Netball:

GS: Jo Harten
GA: Sophie Dwyer
WA: Maddie Hay
C: Jamie-Lee Price
WD: Amy Parmenter
GD: April Brandley
GK: Tilly McDonnell

Melbourne Vixens:

GS: Mwai Kumwenda
GA: Kiera Austin
WA: Liz Watson
C: Kate Moloney
WD: Kate Eddy
GD: Jo Weston
GK: Emily Mannix

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