Aryna Sabalenka


height: 182cm


D.O.B: 05-05-1998

When it comes to Belarusian Aryna Sabalenka, you know what you are going to get: Absolute sheer power. The talented Top 10 up-and-comer has all the potential in the world to make it, though it is about remaining composed, particularly in big matches. Much like Forest Gump's box of chocolates, you genuinely do not know what you are going to get with Sabalenka, as the 22-year-old could smash the world number one in less than an hour, or she could lose to a player outside the Top 100 in the same time. There is little doubt that she is exciting, but she can also be frustrating when it comes to nail-biting matches.

STYLE: Extreme power player


  • Serving power
  • First serve success
  • Second serve success
  • First serve return
  • Forehand down the line
  • Forehand inside in
  • Short rallies with forehand
  • Long rallies with backhand
  • Backhand effectiveness
  • Backhand drop shot
  • Backhand cross court
  • Net points
  • Baseline approach


  • Composure
  • Serve & Volley
  • Second serve return
  • Return consistency
  • Forehand cross court
  • Forehand inside out
  • Medium rallies
  • Forehand weighted shot
  • Backhand consistency

Sabalenka's strengths are without a doubt anything that involves her yanking the tempo up to extreme, and she will not die wondering just how much power she can produce to put her opponent on the back foot. Her serve, forehand, backhand and approach shots are all designed to win points, and win them quickly. She almost knocks her opponents off balance, and as she has developed over the years, she is gradually improving her consistency. Sabalenka still has to get it done in a Grand Slam, and she showed late in the year when she was 6-0 and two break points down to be 5-0 against Sara Sorribes Tormo, to come back and win 12 consecutive games to storm to a massive win and an eventual title in Ostrava.

The 22-year-old has a high amount of success off both her first and second serves, and then will approach the net and be one of the stronger players there, having nice touch and power when closing be it from the baseline or in a one-two punch scenario. When in play, her forehand is more consistent than her backhand, but her backhand is more deadly. She can close out points with her forehand quicker and has more sucess with rallies, while her backhand typically has more success over longer rallies, but also has more variety to it, such as the drop shot or cross court, which are areas of improvement on her forehand side. If she can build up her composure and consistency, and be able to effectively win points off either side for any amount of rally time, she will be all the more damaging.

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