Belinda Bencic


height: 175cm


D.O.B: 10-03-1997

Belinda Bencic is a well-rounded player with a high amount of strengths, and less improvements than other players. The aspects where Bencic struggles are her serving power, and then weighted shots such as her drop shot, or variety off her serve, but for the most part, the Swiss talent has an array of tricks and weapons she can use to impact a match and take control early. With an ability to not have too many weaknesses on either side, Bencic is rarely out of position and can force her way back into a point with her ability to retrieve the ball and then attack from either the baseline or upon approach.

STYLE: High tempo player


  • First serve success
  • Second serve success
  • Forehand return consistency
  • Second serve return success
  • Forehand cross power and consistency
  • Backhand down the line
  • Backhand cross
  • Backhand effectiveness
  • Backhand power
  • Backhand variety
  • Baseline approach
  • Net points
  • Net consistency


  • Serve power
  • First serve return success
  • Forehand down the line consistency
  • Drop shot
  • Serve & Volley

The strength that Bencic has in her game is in her ability to recover from certain positions on the court and not be side dominant. Whilst her backhand is her most dangerous weapon, her forehand is still incredibly consistent. If you had to nit-pick, it would be to iron out her down the line shots on her forehand side, improving the consistency with them. Other than that, she is able to produce some superb cross court shots to wrong foot her opponent, but also remain in rallies for long periods of time, able to play as a tempo player and weather the storm before attacking.

While Bencic is not a massive serve and therefore does not drop the serve and volley, she does approach the net with great success, timing her runs forward to be able to step in and execute well-timed volleys. Her consistency off the backhand or forehand volleys are strong, and she consistently wins points at a high volume upon approach. It is rare for a baseline-dominant player to try and be that aggressive upon approaching the net, but she wins more than 10 per cent of her points at the net, which is above average on Tour. If she is able to be more prolific off the first return serve, as well as increase her own serving power a touch, it will further improve her game.

Overall, while she might not have the complete game of some others, she has a really well-rounded game and one that needs more tweaks than hard adjustments and will be a player to continue to watch in the future.

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