Jannik Sinner


height: 188cm

weight: 75kg

D.O.B: 16-08-2001

Jannik Sinner is one of those players who possesses plenty of talent and is a young gun on the rise. Many are touted as future Grand Slam winners, but it is very easy to imagine the 19-year-old holding up a major trophy one day. The reason for this is the fact Sinner has a lot of strengths, and the improvements he need to make to his game mostly revolve around increasing the variety in his game with shot repetition and experience likely to help with that over time. Having already burst onto the scene in late 2019 by reaching the Top 100 and winning the Next-Gen Finals, Sinner went on to win his first title in Sofia this year in what many anticipate to be the first of many.

GAME STYLE: High tempo baseliner with power


  • Backhand power
  • Backhand consistency
  • Backhand placement
  • First serve dominance
  • Serving consistency
  • Second serve return
  • Down the line forehand


  • Cross court consistency
  • Serving power
  • Inconsistent return game
  • Shot variety (drop shot/short game)
  • Volleying

The Italian already has an elite backhand, and up there with the very best on tour. His power, consistency and placement all rank amongst the top few on Tour, with fewer mistakes and higher winners off that side. His forehand has less consistency, and while his down the line forehand is a major strength, his inside out and cross court abilities are where he can fall short. Even on his backhand side his cross court shots can sometimes be rushed which means he will look to build his consistency through shot repetition.

In terms of his serve, he has nice power which nets him enough aces to take control early, but it is his serving consistency that stands out, winning a high number of first serve points. His return game can be inconsistent, often attacking a little too much, but his work off the slower second serve is where he can hurt opponents, and earns himself a high percentage of points. It would be nice to see Sinner add a serve and volley or even approach volley aspect to his game, but being still young the 19-year-old is primarily a high tempo baseliner who takes control from the get-fo with his power. Once he can improve his consistency and vary his shots, he will be one to go far on any surface, anywhere.

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