2015 Draft Profile: Jack Silvagni

Jack Silvagni (Oakleigh Chargers)

Height: 191cm
Weight: 83kg
Position: Utility
Player comparison: Jack Gunston
Strengths: Versatility, goal kicking technique, defensive positioning, overhead marking
Weaknesses: Lack of height to be key position, raw, yet to develop physically
First year impact: Long term prospect

Kicking: Average
Marking: Above average
Endurance: Average
Speed: Average

Jack Silvagni will be off to Carlton in the 2015 draft thanks to his strong father-son connection to the Blues. Jack will be a third generation Silvagni to play for Carlton, after father Stephen (312 games) and grandfather Sergio (239) pulled on he navy blue jumper.

Silvagni’s name was pushed into the spotlight when he kicked six goals for Vic Metro against Western Australia in the under 18 championships this year. Silvagni converted his shots well inside 50 due to his great set shot technique, kicking 6.1 on the day, helping Vic Metro to a comfortable 74-point win.

Silvagni is considered a utility with his ability to play at both ends of the ground. He reads the play well, giving him the ability to position himself better when playing in defence, a role he has played on occasions this year. He also marks the ball well overhead, averaging 4.2 marks at the TAC Cup and 3.4 marks at the under 18 championships. At his school Xavier College, Silvagni has also played on-ball, showing his versatility to move around the ground in multiple positions.

However, through a shoulder injury and school football commitments, Silvagni only played four games for Oakleigh Chargers in 2015. Silvagni kicked six goals, often playing in defence for half of a game. A question mark on Silvagni will be how he adapts to an AFL environment, with 2015 being his only year in the system. Silvagni is still raw and will only turn 18 in December. He showed glimpses in the championships and will likely spend a few seasons developing in the VFL before he can make the grade in the AFL.

Silvagni stands at 191 centimetres and is unlikely to be able to transition into a key position player. At his height it is likely he will turn into a third forward/defender in a similar mould to Hawthorn’s Jack Gunston. This would allow Silvagni to move up the ground using his great footy smarts to develop into an important player for Carlton in the future.

Carlton will be expecting to receive a bid for Silvagni in the later rounds of the draft, likely after pick 50.

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