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Tahj Abberley

Wilston Grange/Lions Academy | Small Utility 23/04/2001 | 180cm | 74kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Abberley has improved his inside game in 2020 and remains a great late value pick in the draft.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Jake Bowey

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Midfielder/Forward 12/09/2001 | 175cm | 67kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “One of the more skilful players in this year’s AFL Draft crop, with some terrific athletic traits.” DRAFT RANGE: 15-35

Tyler Brockman

Subiaco/Western Australia | Small Forward/Midfielder 22/11/2002 | 181cm | 75kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A powerful small-medium forward/midfielder who brings plenty of excitement with his attacking play and sharp skills.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Corey Durdin

Central District/South Australia | Small Forward/Midfielder 14/04/2002 | 173cm | 73kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: One of the premier pure smalls in this year’s cohort, Durdin is clean at ground level and tough over the ball.” DRAFT RANGE: 25-40

Errol Gulden

UNSW Bulldogs/Swans Academy | Small Utility 18/07/2002 | 175cm | 75kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Gulden is a consistent performer with all the tools to be a successful player at the next level.” DRAFT RANGE: 15-30

Charlie Ham

Geelong Falcons/Vic Country | Small Defender 11/11/2002 | 181cm | 74kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A superb athlete with clean skills on top of being a capable transition runner.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Bailey Laurie

Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro | Small Midfielder/Forward 24/03/2002 | 179cm | 78kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A crafty midfielder/forward who loves to take the game on and can carve up the opposition with his attacking creativity.” DRAFT RANGE: 20-35

Ewan Macpherson

Northern Knights | Small Midfielder/Defender 09/01/2002 | 179cm | 82kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A neat user down back and crafty ball winner in midfield, aided by his fast-improving running capacity.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Jye Menzie

North Hobart/Tasmania Devils | Small Forward 28/10/2002 | 179cm | 76kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An exciting, raw small forward who has some top-level traits but plenty more to develop.” DRAFT RANGE: Rookie

Tariek Newchurch

North Adelaide/South Australia | Small Forward/Midfielder 21/07/2002 | 182cm | 77kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An exciting small forward with electric speed and X-factor in spades.” DRAFT RANGE: 30-45

Maurice Rioli Jnr

St Mary’s/Northern Territory | Small Forward 01/09/2002 | 173cm | 73kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A speedy small forward who not only kicks goals from all angles, but also tackles with intent.” DRAFT RANGE: 40+

Taj Schofield

WWT Eagles/South Australia | Small Midfielder/Forward 07/09/2002 | 178cm | 72kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A hard-working midfielder who is lethal on the outside with his sharp kicking ability.” DRAFT RANGE: 40+

Phoenix Spicer

South Adelaide/South Australia | Small Midfielder/Forward 30/01/2002 | 173cm | 64kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “One of the most exciting prospects in the draft pool, able to break open a game with his elite speed and agility.” DRAFT RANGE: 40+

Joel Western

Claremont/Western Australia | Small Midfielder/Forward 12/10/2002 | 172cm | 68kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A dynamic and skilful midfielder who also poses a threat when moving forward.” DRAFT RANGE: 25-40

Isiah Winder

Peel Thunder/Western Australia | Small Midfielder/Forward 16/05/2002 | 180cm | 79kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “One of the, if not the, most explosive, dynamic and game-changing smalls in this year’s AFL Draft Pool.” DRAFT RANGE: 40-60

Charlie Byrne

Murray Bushrangers/Allies | Medium Defender/Midfielder 26/10/2002 | 183cm | 79kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A talented defender who can play just about anywhere and possesses some similar traits to his mentor, Lachlan Ash”” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Joshua Clarke

Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro | Medium Defender 05/03/2002 | 182cm | 75kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A run-and-gun defender with an attacking mindset, line-breaking speed, and punishing kick penetration.” DRAFT RANGE: 40+

Luke Cleary

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Medium Defender 05/03/2002 | 189cm | 78kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A cool and composed medium defender who reads the play well, is a great user of the ball, and has a great balance between offence and defence.” DRAFT RANGE: 40-60

Mitch Duval

West Adelaide/South Australia | Medium Defender 23/01/1997 | 187cm | 81kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A consistent leader who plays the half-back role perfectly, Clark is a natural footballer who uses the ball well and just has to continue developing his athleticism and versatility.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Aiden Fyfe

Broadbeach/Suns Academy | Defender/Midfielder 16/08/2002 | 190cm | 83kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A tall winger who is arguably better suited at half-back where he can take the game on in transition.” DRAFT RANGE: Rookie

Lachlan Jones

WWT Eagles/South Australia | Medium Defender 09/04/2002 | 186cm | 89kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A big-bodied defender who is capable of playing shutdown roles both tall and small, while also propelling rebounds out of the defensive half.” DRAFT RANGE: 8-15

Blake Morris

Subiaco/Western Australia | Medium Defender 11/09/2002 | 187cm | 70kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A raw, yet versatile defender who can play both tall and small, while also acting as a third-up intercept marker with his reading of the play.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Rhys Nicholls

Labrador/Suns Academy | Medium Defender/Midfielder 30/09/2002 | 188cm | 79kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A quick, clean midfielder/defender who showed some promising signs in 2020.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Blake Reid

Geelong Falcons/Vic Country | Small Defender 22/10/2002 | 179cm | 79kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Reid is a raw talent with a blend of natural and athletic footballing abilities.” DRAFT RANGE: Rookie

Xavier Robins

Glenelg/South Australia | Medium Defender 02/10/2002 | 182cm | 72kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A damaging player off half-back, the speedy left-footer boasts a penetrating kick, reads the play superbly, and can set up play just as well.” DRAFT RANGE: 40+

Brandon Walker

East Fremantle/Western Australia | Medium Defender 17/10/2002 | 184cm | 75kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: An athletic medium defender who takes the game on and makes good decisions while running off half-back.” DRAFT RANGE: 25-40

Dominic Bedendo

Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country | Medium Forward 09/07/2002 | 187cm | 74kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A raw and exciting forward who has elite athleticism and is just looking to build his overall game”. DRAFT RANGE: Rookie

Blake Coleman

Morningside/Lions Academy | Medium Forward 06/08/2002 | 181cm | 79kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A highly skilled forward with an elite combination of speed, strength, and agility that makes him very difficult for defenders to stop.” DRAFT RANGE: 35-50

Brayden Cook

South Adelaide/South Australia | Medium Forward/Midfielder 18/07/2002 | 189cm | 82kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A forward/wingman with great attacking nous and the ability to win games off his own boot.” DRAFT RANGE: 15-30

Eddie Ford

Western Jets/Vic Metro | Medium Forward 21/06/2002 | 188cm | 79kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A highlight-reel forward who in time will look to progress into the midfield once he builds his tank and increases his endurance.” DRAFT RANGE: 25-40

Jack Ginnivan

Bendigo Pioneers/Vic Country | Medium Forward 19/12/2002 | 183cm | 77kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A atural footballer with high footy IQ and an admirable work-rate, particularly in the front half” DRAFT RANGE: 25-50

Seamus Mitchell

Bendigo Pioneers/Vic Country | Medium Forward 03/07/2002 | 181cm | 74kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A clever forward with high-level footy smarts and creativity.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Max Pescud

Surfers Paradise/Suns Academy | Medium Forward 13/04/2002 | 183cm | 68kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A dangerous medium forward who can hurt opposition defenders in the air or at ground level with a keen eye for goals.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Corey Preston

Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro | Medium Forward/Midfielder 18/12/2002 | 180cm | 74kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A relative unknown midfielder-forward who has some nice athletic traits and is strong overhead for his size” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Connor Stone

Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro | Medium Forward 22/04/2002 | 188cm | 81kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An athletic medium forward with high-level smarts inside 50 and the scope to develop further afield.” DRAFT RANGE: 35-50

Chris Walker

East Fremantle/Western Australia | Medium Forward 17/10/2002 | 183cm | 74kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A powerful pressure forward who enjoys the tough stuff and boasts high-level athleticism across the board.” DRAFT RANGE: Rookie

Sam Berry

Gippsland Power/Vic Country | Inside Midfielder 12/02/2001 | 181cm | 80kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A consistent inside midfielder with great contested ball-winning abilities, defensive pressure and endurance.” DRAFT RANGE: 30-50

Will Bravo

Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country | Inside Midfielder 06/05/2002 | 181cm | 77kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An inside midfielder with clean hands and some great athletic traits.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Tanner Bruhn

Geelong Falcons/Vic Country | Inside Midfielder 27/05/2002 | 183cm | 74kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Class with a capital ‘C’ yet does his best work on the inside, which makes him such a damaging midfield prospect.” DRAFT RANGE: 5-10

Alex Davies

Broadbeach/Suns Academy | Inside Midfielder 18/03/2002 | 191cm | 85kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A strong inside midfielder with clean hands, poise, and agility, making him one of the prime extractors in this year’s cohort.” DRAFT RANGE: N/A (Pre-listed)

Oliver Davis

Clarence/Tasmania | Inside Midfielder 18/07/2002 | 182cm | 75kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Some of the cleanest hands on the inside and is a tackling machine, earning himself the TSL Rising Star award.” DRAFT RANGE: 35-60

Charlie Lazzaro

Geelong Falcons/Vic Country | Inside Midfielder 25/03/2002 | 179cm | 74kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A consistent inside midfielder who showed his wares in his bottom-age year, while possessing some elite agility” DRAFT RANGE: 30-60

Zavier Maher

Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country | Inside Midfielder 05/05/2002 | 184cm | 83kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An inside midfielder with explosive speed and great kick penetration.” DRAFT RANGE: 25-50

Luke Pedlar

Glenelg/South Australia | Inside Midfielder/Forward 17/05/2002 | 183cm | 80kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “His power and scoreboard impact separate him from other strong bodied midfielders in the 2020 cohort.” DRAFT RANGE: 40+

Will Phillips

Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro | Inside Midfielder 22/05/2002 | 180cm | 80kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Arguably the best pure midfielder available in this year’s pool; a clean, tough, and complete ball winner who remains ultra-consistent.” DRAFT RANGE: 1-6

Tom Powell

Sturt/South Australia | Inside Midfielder 02/03/2002 | 183cm | 74kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A natural ball winner and stoppage specialist with clean hands at ground level and some nice athletic traits.” DRAFT RANGE: 15-35

Zane Trew

Swan Districts/Western Australia | Inside Midfielder 26/04/2002 | 185cm | 80kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A strong inside midfielder who thrives in extracting contested ball, and is one of the finest exponents of the handball in this year’s crop.” DRAFT RANGE: 20-35

Logan Young

Claremont/Western Australia | Inside Midfielder 14/03/2002 | 191cm | 83kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A hard-working inside midfielder who wins plenty of contested ball, but can also accumulate on the spread with his strong endurance base.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Matt Allison

Calder Cannons/Vic Metro | Tall Forward/Outside Midfielder 03/05/2001 | 194cm | 81kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A tall utility with terrific endurance, able to present as a key forward or ply his trade as a uniquely versatile wingman.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Ryan Angwin

Gippsland Power/Vic Country | Balanced Midfielder 12/12/2002 | 184cm | 72kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A talented all-round prospect who might be lightly built, but has a ton of upside.” DRAFT RANGE: 40+

Braeden Campbell

Pennant Hills/Swans Academy | Balanced Midfielder/Forward 02/04/2002 | 181cm | 75kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An exciting midfielder/forward who is aligned to the Sydney Swans Academy and could earn a bid inside the top 10.” DRAFT RANGE: 8-15

Lachlan Carrigan

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Outside Midfielder 09/12/2002 | 191cm | 77kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A tall wingman who moves well and has plenty of upside and development left.” DRAFT RANGE: 40+

Jack Carroll

East Fremantle/Western Australia | Balanced Midfielder 20/12/2002 | 188cm | 76kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A versatile midfield option with neat skills, shrewd decision making, and a strong athletic base – all of which drive his ceiling high.” DRAFT RANGE: 15-30

Isaac Chugg

Launceston/Tasmania Devils | Outside Midfielder/Defender 26/02/2002 | 180cm | 81kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A well balanced player who can pull the trigger on runs or mow down opposition players.” DRAFT RANGE: Rookie

Saxon Crozier

Morningside/Lions Academy | Outside Midfielder 14/11/2002 | 190cm | 80kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Crozier is a hard-running wingman that uses his fantastic fitness level to get to good positions and have an impact.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Jared Dakin

Launceston/Tasmania Devils | Inside Midfielder/Forward 19/01/2001 | 181cm | 80kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An over-age contested ball winner who can play defensive roles as well as find the football himself, while expanding his horizons in 2020 to spend time forward.” DRAFT RANGE: Rookie

Noah Gribble

Geelong Falcons/Vic Country | Balanced Midfielder 08/07/2002 | 180cm | 77kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A midfielder who has no trouble finding the football and being a work horse around the ground with great defensive pressure and clean hands in congestion.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Max Holmes

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Outside Midfielder 29/08/2002 | 189cm | 74kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An outside midfielder with high-level athletics pedigree, and has shown a steep rate of development to race into draft contention.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Finlay Macrae

Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro | Balanced Midfielder 13/03/2002 | 186cm | 78kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A classy midfielder who you want delivering the ball inside 50; boasting great composure and the ability to kick efficiently on both feet.” DRAFT RANGE: 12-25

Carter Michael

Maroochydore/Queensland | Balanced Midfielder/Defender 22/05/2002 | 188cm | 74kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A classy mover with a booming left-foot kick that will be a major weapon for the years to come.” DRAFT RANGE: 35-55

Harry Sharp

GWV Rebels/Vic Country | Outside Midfielder 17/12/2001 | 183cm | 69kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An elite outside runner who developed rapidly coming into the GWV Rebels’ program as a bottom-ager.” DRAFT RANGE: Rookie

Patrick Walker

North Hobart/Tasmania Devils | Outside Midfielder/Utility 09/07/2002 | 186cm | 76kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A smooth moving utility who can play anywhere from the wing, to half-back and half-forward and generally uses the ball very well.” DRAFT RANGE: 30-50

Jack Avery

Claremont/Western Australia | Tall Defender 14/06/2002 | 189cm | 82kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A tall defender who shot onto the AFL Draft scene in 2020 with an outstanding season, in which he showcased his ability to intercept mark and find plenty of the ball.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

James Borlase

Sturt/South Australia | Key Position Utility 18/07/2002 | 192cm | 93kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A competitive and strong-marking key position utility who enjoyed a successful season with Sturt and Prince Alfred College.” DRAFT RANGE: 40+

Cody Brand

Calder Cannons/Vic Metro | Key Defender 23/05/2002 | 196cm | 87kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An athletic key defender tied to Essendon’s Next Generation Academy, Brand is ultra competitive and one of the most reliable stoppers in the draft crop.” DRAFT RANGE: 25-50

Jack Briskey

Sherwood/Lions Academy | Key Defender/Ruck 18/01/2002 | 194cm | 81kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Briskey is a highly athletic key position prospect who utilises his full skillset up either end, and even while rotating through the ruck.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Heath Chapman

West Perth/Western Australia | Key Defender 31/01/2002 | 193cm | 81kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An attacking defender who reads the play well to intercept, then looks to move on quickly and deliver via foot.” DRAFT RANGE: 10-20

Sam Collins

North Hobart/Tasmania Devils | Medium-Tall Defender 06/01/2002 | 187cm | 82kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An intercept defender who could play in multiple positions, with an ability to take the game on.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Cameron Fleeton

Geelong Falcons/Vic Country | Tall Defender 17/06/2002 | 191cm | 80kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A competitive and versatile defender who reads the play beautifully to intercept, while also being able to lock down the opposition’s best forward.” DRAFT RANGE: 40-60

Denver Grainger-Barras

Swan Districts/Western Australia | Key Defender 17/04/2002 | 195cm | 78kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A defender’s defender who possesses terrific athleticism and intercept marking ability.” DRAFT RANGE: 1-10

Tom Highmore

South Adelaide/South Australia | Key Defender 24/02/1998 | 192cm | 89kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A mature-aged key defender who is strong in the air, reads the ball well, and is a capable rebounder.” DRAFT RANGE: 40+

Jack Hindle

East Perth/Western Australia | Key Defender 11/03/2002 | 192cm | 101kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Hindle is a strong-bodied key defender who positions nicely to mark and fares well in the contest.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Kellen Johnson

West Perth/Western Australia | Tall Defender 19/04/2002 | 190cm | 77kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An athletic tall defender who intercepts well and loves to take the game on with attacking runs on the rebound.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Jack Johnston

Palm Beach Currumbin/Suns Academy | Key Defender 05/07/2002 | 195cm | 93kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A solid key defender who competes well aerially and is a sound user by foot for a player of his size.” DRAFT RANGE: Rookie

Zach Reid

Gippsland Power/Vic Country | Key Defender/Utility 02/03/2002 | 202cm | 82kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “One of the premier key position defenders who can play in other key roles around the ground, with terrific skills and nice athleticism.” DRAFT RANGE: 8-20

Jye Sinderberry

West Adelaide/South Australia | Tall Defender/Midfielder 24/01/2002 | 189cm | 80kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A versatile prospect who judges the ball well in flight, but also competes hard at ground level and provides driving rebound.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Nick Stevens

GWV Rebels/Vic Country | Tall Defender 23/03/2002 | 192cm | 84kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A classy tall defender who can play further up the ground with strong decision making skills.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Hamish Allan

North Hobart/Tasmania Devils | Ruck 28/11/2000 | 205cm | 96kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A towering ruck who has shown clean tap work around the ground for North Hobart.” DRAFT RANGE: Late-rookie

Kaine Baldwin

Glenelg/South Australia | Key Forward 30/05/2002 | 193cm | 90kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A physical key forward with terrific contested marking and the ability to impact further afield.” DRAFT RANGE: 20-60

Jackson Callow

North Launceston/Tasmania Devils | Key Forward 11/06/2002 | 194cm | 101kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A predominant key forward who possesses an elite contested mark and reliable set shot.” DRAFT RANGE: 30-60

Max Heath

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Ruck/Key Forward 24/10/2002 | 203cm | 94kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A strong ruckman/key forward who loves to throw his weight around, and competes well both around the ground and in the air.” DRAFT RANGE: 30-50

Kalin Lane

Claremont/Western Australia | Ruck 05/12/2001 | 204cm | 96kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A fast-developing ruck prospect with terrific tap craft and the competitiveness to impact around the ground.” DRAFT RANGE: 40+

Ollie Lord

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Key Forward 02/01/2002 | 195cm | 84kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An athletic tall forward who is confident aerially, Lord looms as a key position prospect with great upside.” DRAFT RANGE: 40+

Logan McDonald

Perth/Western Australia | Key Forward 04/04/2002 | 196cm | 86kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A strong key forward who finds the scoreboard regularly and boasts endurance comparable to Nick Riewoldt.” DRAFT RANGE: 1-3

Liam McMahon

Northern Knights/Vic Metro | Key Forward 02/05/2002 | 194cm | 80kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An athletic key forward with a terrific vertical leap and high-marking ability, making him an eye-catching prospect.” DRAFT RANGE: Late

Shannon Neale

South Fremantle/Western Australia | Ruck/Key Forward 25/07/2002 | 202cm | 91kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A raw ruckman/key forward who has an enormous upside, credit largely to his outstanding athleticism.” DRAFT RANGE: 35-50

Samson Ryan

Sherwood/Lions Academy | Ruck 09/12/2000 | 206cm | 96kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A developing over-age ruckman who who dominates the hit-outs with his height and has plenty of potential.” DRAFT RANGE: Rookie

Henry Smith

WWT Eagles/Western Australia | Key Forward/Ruck 23/09/2002 | 202cm | 82kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A key forward/ruck who clunks contested marks and follows up at ground level, Smith boasts great upside.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Riley Thilthorpe

West Adelaide/South Australia | Key Forward/Ruck 07/07/2002 | 201cm | 100kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A versatile and athletic tall who thrives aerially, Thilthorpe has long been touted as a potential top five draft pick.” DRAFT RANGE: 1-10

Josh Treacy

Bendigo Pioneers/Vic Country| Tall Forward 04/08/2002 | 194cm | 94kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A contested marking tall forward with good defensive pressure at ground level and a penetrating kick.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Jamarra Ugle-Hagan

Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro | Key Forward 04/04/2002 | 195cm | 90kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Arguably the best player in this year’s crop; an athletic key forward who has the happy knack of clunking high marks and kicking bags of goals.” DRAFT RANGE: 1-5

Henry Walsh

Geelong Falcons/Vic Country | Ruck 27/06/2002 | 203cm | 87kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “The clear standout tap ruckman from Victoria with an aggressive nature and improving ground level work.” DRAFT RANGE: 30-50

Nik Cox

Northern Knights/Vic Metro | Tall Utility 25/01/2002 | 200cm | 87kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A tall utility with a rare combination of traits; able run all day, kick efficiently off both feet, and show clean hands both in the air and at ground level.” DRAFT RANGE: 15-25

Connor Downie

Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro | Medium Utility 31/05//2002 | 185cm | 82kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A half-back/midfielder who can incite attacking chains with daring run-and-carry and his penetrating left boot.” DRAFT RANGE: 20-40

Zac Dumesny

South Adelaide/South Australia | Medium Utility 26/04/2002 | 187cm | 80kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A smart prospect with a neat skillset, capable of fulfilling a range of roles on each line.” DRAFT RANGE: 30-50

Luke Edwards

Glenelg/South Australia | Inside Midfielder/Defender 12/01/2002 | 188cm | 83kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A strongly-built utility with neat skills and a high football intelligence.” DRAFT RANGE: 30-60

Josh Eyre

Calder Cannons/Vic Metro | Key Forward/Tall Utility 24/10/2002 | 198cm | 85kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An athletic key forward tied to Essendon’s Next Generation Academy; Eyre catches the eye with his size, athleticism, and booming left foot.” DRAFT RANGE: 40+

Josh Green

Marist College/GIANTS Academy | Tall Utility 24/07/2002 | 192cm | 87kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A mobile utility who thrives aerially, helping him shape as the leading GWS Academy prospect this year.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Clayton Gay

Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country | Medium Defender/Forward 23/03/2002 | 183cm | 77kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A a natural footballer who has proven himself a versatile type as far back as the last line in defence, or deep forward” DRAFT RANGE: 40+

Oliver Henry

Geelong Falcons/Vic Country | Medium Utility 29/07/2002 | 187cm | 77kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A versatile utility who has impressed in both attack or defence.” DRAFT RANGE: 10-20

Elijah Hollands

Calder Cannons/Vic Metro | Medium Forward/Midfielder 25/04/2002 | 188cm | 85kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A high impact-per-possession player and looms as the top midfielder-forward in the draft” DRAFT RANGE: 1-5

Jaiden Hunter

Perth/Western Australia | Key Defender/Ruck 20/04/2002 | 194cm | 81kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A versatile and athletic tall who thrives aerially to impact either as a key defender, or makeshift ruckman.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Joel Jeffrey

Wanderers/Suns Academy | Key Position Utility 12/03/2002 | 192cm | 80kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An exciting key position prospect who utilises his terrific reading of the ball in flight and athleticism at either end of the ground.” DRAFT RANGE: N/A (pre-listed)

Liam Kolar

Northern Knights/Vic Metro | Key Forward/Wing 23/04/2002 | 195cm | 82kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A raw multi-sport athlete with high scope for improvement, Kolar looms as a prospective bolter in this year’s draft pool.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Brodie Lake

Central District/Northern Territory | Midfielder/Utility 16/05/2002 | 185cm | 79kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An athletic midfielder who can hit the scoreboard and adapt to roles on each line with exciting passages of play.” DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

Reef McInnes

Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro | Inside Midfielder/Tall Utility 12/12/2002 | 192cm | 84kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A strong inside midfielder with great athletic capabilities and tied to Collingwood through the Next-Generation Academy.” DRAFT RANGE: 15-30

Nathan O’Driscoll

Perth/Western Australia | Midfielder/Defender 17/05/2002 | 187cm | 76kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A hard-working midfielder who is elite in what he does without the ball, O’Driscoll stood out at the National Combine with his overall athleticism.” DRAFT RANGE: 15-30

Archie Perkins

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Inside Midfielder/Forward 26/03/2002 | 186cm | 77kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “An impactful midfielder/forward with explosive athletic traits across the board, the ability to kick goals, and enormous upside overall.” DRAFT RANGE: 8-15

Caleb Poulter

WWT Eagles/South Australia | Midfielder/Forward 18/09/2001 | 192cm | 79kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A prototypical tall midfielder with a good inside/outside mix, who is also capable of impacting up forward.” DRAFT RANGE: 15-30

Fraser Rosman

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro | Tall Forward/Winger 30/05/2002 | 194cm | 84kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “With an incredible package of speed, endurance, size and match winning ability, Rosman is one of the most intriguing prospects in the 2020 AFL Draft pool” DRAFT RANGE: 35-60

Jake Steele

North Hobart/Tasmania | Key Position Utility 21/01/2001 | 196cm | 89kg DRAFT ANALYSIS: “A strong over-age key forward who has pinch-hit in the ruck at times for Tasmania Devils and North Hobart.” DRAFT RANGE: Rookie