Small Defender


Blake Reid

height: 180cm

weight: 81kg

D.O.B: 22-10-2002

Leagues: Coates Talent League Boys

Picture: Robert Cianfione

POSITION: Small Defender

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Reid is a raw talent with a blend of natural and athletic footballing abilities." - Peter Williams

Blake Reid was one of a number of surprise packets to earn an AFL Draft Combine invite off minimal NAB League performances and no AFL Under-18 Championships. What the incredibly talented athlete showed during his outings though was his clean ball use and defensive pressure to match his athleticism. While representing Geelong Grammar in the APS system, Reid still managed to play a couple of games for Geelong Falcons, and then with his elite testing numbers in the preseason justified why he was such an exciting pick for this year.


  • Vertical leap
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Defensive pressure
  • Disposal
  • Positioning


  • Limited exposure
  • Raw

Reid is one of a number of players who do not have a lot to go off in terms of public viewing having only played two NAB League games. His work with Geelong Grammar, and then the couple of outings for the Falcons was enough to convince recruiters that he is one to review when it comes to AFL Draft contention. A small defender at 180cm and 77kg, Reid lit up the preseason testing with ridiculous numbers led by a 7.76-second agility test. Add in a 2.99-second 20m sprint and 87cm running vertical jump and he was among the top players in the country to dominate across the board. Even his 20.8 yo-yo test was solid and his overall performance gave plenty to think about.

He only had the 29 disposals for the Falcons across two games - which funnily enough both came against Sandringham Dragons - with 12 of his 16 kicks hitting the target. Running at a greater than 50 per cent contested rate, Reid was able to show composure with his ball use and execute by hand or foot. His Round 10 performance of 17 disposals, three marks, two clearances, five tackles and five rebounds was a standout, but unfortunately he was unable to do it consistently at NAB League level. He did show in a number of contests he could get front position and work his way in one-on-ones but has just had limited exposure at that level.

Being more a raw prospect it does mean Reid has potential growth coming through the level and the signs he showed in those games suggest he could improve well at the elite standard. It is hard to get too much of a read on him based on the couple of games at NAB League level, but it is clear to see he is a player that has talent to go with his athleticism. He is a long-term prospect but someone who has that blend of natural ability to go with athletic traits, making him one to watch for the future.


At this stage Reid is seen as more of a rookie prospect given his raw talent, but with the upside he has, clubs are interested in what he could offer. After all, he had at least four clubs keen to see him test at the AFL Draft Combine, and that shows there is intrigue into what he could offer on a more consistent basis.


Agility testing preseason

Coates Talent League Boys

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