Harry Sharp

height: 183cm

weight: 69kg

D.O.B: 17-12-2002

Leagues: Coates Talent League Boys

POSITION: Outside Midfielder

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Sharp is an elite outside runner who developed rapidly coming into the GWV Rebels' program as a bottom-ager." - Peter Williams

Harry Sharp is a high-level runner who is relatively new to the elite level football program at the Greater Western Victoria (GWV) Rebels. However, he showed in spurts last year that he is able to compete against some of the top prospects running around. He still has to develop areas of his game, but in terms of his work ethic, athleticism and outside abilities, Sharp has come on in leaps and bounds in his bottom-age year and is one clubs can rely on should they take a chance on him.


  • Endurance
  • Work-rate
  • Marking
  • Agility
  • Outside game
  • Upside


  • Inside game
  • Kicking
  • Size/strength

For the second consecutive year, the GWV Rebels have an elite runner who is hoping to make his way onto an AFL list after coming from a long way back to develop rapidly. Unfortunately for Sharp, unlike Jay Rantall who worked his way onto Collingwood's list last season, he has not be able to further his development in his top-age year. Sharp showed some great signs in 2019 having effectively come from a blank canvas, with many of his athletic traits undeniable as he instead is just looking to further build his footballing ones. As a middle-distance runner, Sharp has an absolute elite tank which saw him record 22.4 on the beep test in the 2019 NAB League Fitness Testing. He had a slightly lower score in 2020, but the fact he could hit that number showed just how remarkable of a runner he is and how he could wear down opponents, before putting out a record 5:28 in the 2km time trial at the AFL Draft Combine. For reference, that is higher than Sam Walsh and Bailey Smith who similarly have ridiculous endurance bases.

In terms of his other athletic traits, he is also very evasive which means he does not only outwork opponents, but he can also sidestep them when they are tiring as well. Combine these with his high work rate and desire to improve, and Sharp is someone who has shown he can run up and down the field on a wing playing as an outside midfielder, or even impact up forward. Given the Rebels had plenty of inside midfielders in 2019, Sharp did not get much time on-ball as he could have, but as he was still learning certain aspects, he was able to gradually develop throughout the season. His inside game is a natural area of improvement, with his endurance and agility lending themselves to that fact. The other improvement is certainly his kicking, which much like Rantall last year, was improving after being questionable early on.

Sharp still finished the season with a lower than 50 per cent kicking efficiency with a third of his possessions coming in the contest, which is where he will be focusing his attention going forward. Given AFL clubs will need next to no work on his athletic traits, the focus will be building up his footballing traits. It would have been fantastic to see Sharp develop further, particularly with the great work the Rebels did with Rantall in 2019, and whilst there were other top-end traits that Rantall possessed and was more inside-driven, Sharp was more outside and able to move the ball in transition. Nonetheless, despite not playing a game in 2020, his work last year was enough for clubs to keep tabs on him for a potential AFL Draft selection this year.


Sharp is still a raw prospect so is definitely more of a later draft hope. He certainly has traits that will be able to be built upon at the next level, and has the work-rate and endurance to have an immediate impact physically, but will just iron out areas to round off his overall game including building a stronger body to have a greater impact at senior level. Given his development in his bottom-age year, Sharp is one who will be predicted to improve quicker than others at the top level with the right focus.

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