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James Tunstill

height: 185cm

weight: 76kg

D.O.B: 18-07-2003

Leagues: WAFL Colts

Image Credit: Pixell Photography

POSITION: Balanced Midfielder 

SNAPSHOT: ”A hard-working midfielder who is equally as dangerous in the thick of the contest as he is receiving the ball on the outside and kicking forward.”

East Perth midfielder James Tunstill has enjoyed a consistent year at the WAFL Colts level, while also performing well for the West Australian Under 19s when during this year's improvised National Championships. Tunstill provides a good level of balance through the midfield, able to be an in-and-under ball winner who feeds the ball to runners, but just as capable of holding his space and making a run to receive the handball on the outside.


+ Clean hands
+ Work rate
+ Decision making
+ Contested game


- Kicking consistency
- Four-quarter consistency

Tunstill was a staple of a strong East Perth midfield in the WAFL Colts this season, with his versatility through the midfield a valuable asset in allowing his teammates to play to their individual strengths. He would compliment that well by playing an opposite roles to a high level, ensuring the Royals had the right mix. He continued this form in for WA Under 19’s squad as well, seamlessly fitting in alongside any combination of midfield partners, whilst proving he could play other roles around the ground.

When Tunstill is playing an inside role, he does really well to win contested ball at ground level, tracking it through traffic and throwing himself on the ball to win it himself, or at the very least to stop the opposition winning it easily. When Tunstill does win the ball in the thick of things, he keeps the ball free from the opposition by shifting his hands high through traffic, spotting out a good option by hand more often than not. Equally as prolific when playing as a receiver, Tunstill times his runs well on the outside to receive the ball at pace, and will usually deliver the ball forwards with precision. 

While Tunstill is a good kick on the run and out in space, able to bullet his kicks to leading forwards, there is some inconsistency in his kicking. This is particularly evident when he is under pressure or in traffic, where he tends to rush his kicks by blazing away as far as he can. He can also struggle to find the penetration he’s capable of when kicking after a mark or free kick, sometimes rushing the kick to keep play moving.

Tunstill is also prone to fading out of games, especially in the last quarter, which may be an indication that his endurance could do with some improvement. Despite his kicking sometimes looking rushed, Tunstill typically looks to get the ball to the right option and demonstrates his good vision and decision making. Making those correct decisions under fatigue is often a real test.

Tunstill shows a good work rate around the ground, running from contest to contest and finding ways to impact however he can - whether it's throwing a spoil in or drifting in front of an opponent to hold a mark - he gets around the ground and makes himself a difficult opponent to match up on.

DRAFT RANGE: Third Round - Rookie


In a draft laden with midfielders, Tunstill is another who has played his way into contention in 2021. His body of work across a full season both in WA's Colts competition and at representative level may see clubs look to take a chance on his talents, especially when so many other prospects have not had the opportunity to produce such a portfolio. Tunstill's impressive improvements and ability to adapt to different styles in midfield make him an intriguing player who offers developable traits.


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