2021 NBL1 North wrap: Round 7

NATIONAL Basketball League (NBL)1 Round 7 took place over the weekend, with plenty of big clashes making headlines this week.


Southern District Spartans defeated Rockhampton Cyclones

It was a triumphant win for the Southern District Spartans on Sunday afternoon, as they caused an upset win against Rockhampton Cyclones. Rockhampton got the first points on the board thanks to a two-point shot from Mikayla Watkinson, but a burst of shots at the basket saw the Spartans snatch the lead. A timeout was called by Rockhampton, leading to a three-point jumpshot. But it was a steal from the Spartans which saw Southern District continue to keep a hold of the ball during the first period. The second term quickly approached with the scores standing at 39-10 in favour of the Spartans. One of two free throws made by the Cyclones allowed the Spartans to continue their dominant run during this period. As a result of missed shots at the basket for the Cyclones, the current lead holders powered on with highlights that included a two-point jumpshot and all free throw shots at the basket being made. In the third period, once again Southern District Spartans were unstoppable as Rockhampton continued to trail behind. The game saw its third timeout called, this time from the Spartans. The Cyclones started seeing more points on the board by the end of the third period, however it was not enough for them to break their opponents from holding onto the lead. An intense battle between the Spartans and the Cyclones, with both teams fighting for the win. But despite best efforts, the Cyclones were no match for Southern District who saw their scores hit triple digits as a result of a two-point shot from Rebecca Haynes. Multiple shots at the basket saw points on the board for Cyclones, yet it was too late as Southern District Spartans bagged the win by 73 points.

Nadeen Payne was among Southern District’s best players in the game. The young gun bagged an impressive 23 points along with six rebounds and two assists. Maddison Rocci (22 points, five assists and three rebounds) and Madelyn Willey (16 points, nine assists and five rebounds) were also dominant for the Spartans. Tori Rouse and Brandi Leal both scored nine points and were among best on court for Rockhampton.

Rockhampton Cyclones failed to secure a win against the Northside Wizards, losing by 14 points as well as losing against the Brisbane Capitals by 30 points. Logan Thunder came out on top against the Gold Coast Rollers by 45 points, as Ipswich won by 19 against Red City. South West Metro defeated Northside Wizards by 20 points. Sunshine Coast Phoenix went down by 21 points to Mackay Meterorettes, who also defeated USC Rip City by 34 points.

Northside Wizards defeated Rockhampton Cyclones (78-64)
Brisbane Capitals defeated Rockhampton Cyclones (84-54)
Logan Thunder defeated Gold Coast Rollers (106-61)
Ipswich Force defeated Red City Roar (81-62)
South West Metro Pirates defeated Northside Wizards (80-60)
Mackay Meterorettes defeated Sunshine Coast Phoenix (83-62)
Southern District Spartans defeated Rockhampton Cyclones (117-43)
Mackay Meterorettes defeated USC Rip City (94-60)


USC Rip City defeated Mackay Meteors

USC Sports Stadium held the enthralling match between Rip City and the Mackay Meteors, which saw USC with the home ground advantage winning by 17 points. Both sides saw points go up on the board during the first period, as a mix of two-point shots and free throws shaped up the exciting contest. Despite a two-point shot from USC’s Kyle Zunic, Meteors’ clutch of the lead was kicked off after a string of shots as scores remained in their favour for majority of the first term. A three-point jump shot from the Meteors fired up the side with momentum as they continued to dominate the scoreboard in the opening minutes of the second term. But as Mackay powered through, a persistent Rip City were quickly closing the margin. The Meteors continued to dominate the scoreboard, but eventually dropped the lead as the scores went 37-36 the way of Rip City. Following Tanner Krebs‘ two free throws both being made, USC sparked a scoring frenzy as they powered through the third period and kept a tight hold onto the lead. A new page had turned for Rip City as the Mackay Meteors now trailed behind in the game as the third period concluded. Missed opportunities at the basket were costly for Mackay, as Rip City were well in front by the final period. The fourth term saw two timeouts which both were called by the Meteors. USC took advantage of Mackay’s missed opportunities at the basket as they fired with multiple three-point jump shots. A two-point shot were made by Mackay in the dying minutes of the fourth term, but came too late as USC managed to steal the win away.

Rip City’s dominant performance was as a result of multiple star players. Tanner Krebs showcased a strong front and was among the best on court for Rip City with 34 points. He also had 13 rebounds to his name. Also impressing for the winning side was Isaiah Tueta who scored 22 points, nine rebounds and five assists. Despite his side’s loss, Harrison Froling (15 rebounds, four assists) was a standout for Mackay, contributing 29 points. Christopher Cedar (six rebounds, two assists) and Emmanuel Malou (ten rebounds, one assist) were also important for the Mackay Meteors as they scored 21 and 17 points respectively.

Rockhampton Rockets fell short of the win against Northside Wizards by six points, and also went down to Brisbane Capitals by 22 points. Logan Thunder defeated Gold Coast by eight point as Ipswich Force came out on top by 37 points, while falling short of the win was the Northside Wizards against South West Metro. Mackay Meteors however found success winning by nine points against Sunshine Coast Phoenix and Southern District Spartans had a win on the cards as they defeated the Rockets by 27 points.

Northside Wizards defeated Rockhampton Rockets (99-94)
Brisbane Capitals defeated Rockhampton Rockets (108-86)
Logan Thunder defeated Gold Coast Rollers (107-99)
Ipswich Force defeated Red City Roar (108-71)
South West Metro Pirates defeated Northside Wizards (94-70)
Mackay Meteors defeated Sunshine Coast Phoenix (102-93)
Southern Districts Spartans defeated Rockhampton Rockets (103-76)
USC Rip City defeated Mackay Meteors (97-80)

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