Draft Central Courtside Comments: Round 14 – Emma Cosh

EACH week the Draft Central team will focus on one Suncorp Super Netball (SSN) player across the round and take a look at their individual highlights, key moments and improvements across their match. Our Round 14 focus is Emma Cosh, with the West Coast Fever training partner stepping up well into the role of wing attack since Ingrid Colyer went down a few rounds back. Each set of notes showcases the opinions of our writers individually.

A zippy attacker with plenty of spark, Cosh may have only broken onto the SSN scene since Colyer went down with an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) earlier in the season but has proven time and time again that she is more than capable of taking on the role. Playing a similar game to Colyer, Cosh rarely backs down from a contest and has slotted in very well to the Fever this season, continuously playing her role and forming an excellent partnership with Verity Charles through the midcourt and Jhaniele Fowler out the front. Able to rotate between goals and wing, Cosh has rarely looked out of place at SSN level and backed up with another excellent performance on the weekend, finishing with 23 goal assists, 25 centre pass receives and two pickups. 

Here’s what we had to say:

By: Sophie Taylor, Draft Central Senior Editor

It was by no means a loud performance by Cosh in this outing, but since taking the court for Colyer, Cosh has simply done her job consistently and cleanly and did not back down once again against the Thunderbirds. She managed a few great assists into the goal circle, with her connection with Fowler continuing to fire on all cylinders, while the workrate of Charles allowed Cosh to feel out her role well to consistently find the ball and dart in and out of space. A quiet first quarter against the Thunderbirds did not stop the speedster, who lifted her game to lead the Fever assists tally for the remaining three quarters. Cosh was a continuous mover out the front, rarely caught waiting for the ball and using her game smarts to propel ball into the goal circle and evading the long arms of Shamera Sterling. While typically a goal attack, Cosh has looked well and truly at home on circle edge this season, unafraid to hustle to get prime position and use her vision to spot Fowler with ease, adjusting her goal attack-style playmaking to outside the circle. 

By: Taylah Melki, Draft Central Managing Editor

Cosh has well and truly stepped up to the plate since Colyer went down with the typical goaler adapting to the wing attack position with great ease. Her netball smarts were on show throughout the match, while her timing in the attacking third allowed her to claim prime position around circle edge. Cosh was in everything throughout the match, cutting and weaving her way across the court and presenting well at the centre pass. Her second phase play was also impressive for the Fever as she constantly offered an option. It is fair to say that her confidence has grown throughout the season and this game was no different, as the wing attack’s first move was to look into the circle and assess the options. Her connection with the likes of Fowler under the post and adaptability to adjust her game when Kaylia Stanton came on was a clear testament to her read of the play and sheer understanding of the Fever frontend. She led the way for West Coast in attack, sighting Fowler and delivering pinpoint passes whether it be aerial or more direct depending on the defence such is her netball craft. Cosh was not deterred by the physicality of Maisie Nankivell or Shadine van der Merwe, instead rising up to the occasion and using her quick feet to position solidly around the circle edge.

By: Kate Cornish, Draft Central volunteer writer

The Fever were in the middle of their surge up the ladder when Colyer went down with an ACL injury and fans collectively held their breath to see if Fever would be able fill the wing attack role that Colyer had made her own. Cosh was the player that coach Stacey Marinkovich called upon to fill the hole left by Collier and she has not only stood up, but stood tall. Cosh has slotted in like she has always been the starting wing attack, which is a credit to her netball smarts as she is by trade more of a goal attack. Part of the reason that Cosh has slotted in the attack end so well is because of the leadership shown by her centre, Charles. In Round 14 against the Thunderbirds it was evident that the combination that Cosh and Charles have cemented is working very well. Cosh was able to stay out of Charles’ way and play the safe, steady role of a non-flashy wing attack that is a trademark of this team. Cosh had a hard task against South African star, van der Merwe, who has built into the season and was on song again in Round 14; however she took the bulk of feeds and centre pass receives and while some of the connections intoFowler may not have been exactly on target, the huge reach of her shooter means there is very little waste in their attack end. Cosh was crafty in this game and had safe hands, and only one general play turnover to her name meant that her team-mates were passing with confidence. In this game, she played what she saw and did not over think the pass; she had confidence to give the ball and why wouldn’t you when you have the luxury of a Fowler at the end of your feed. 

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