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Jasmin Odeogberin


height: 180cm

D.O.B: 20-03-2001

An exciting up and coming defender for Loughborough Lightning, Odeogberin has more than proved her star power down back with her intensity and tenacity a couple of key traits. Still only young, the defender can switch between all three positions with ease and uses her impressive timing to impact the play and create a wall down back. A smooth mover, Odeogberin is never out of the contest able to cover the court with relative ease and use her quick change of direction to create turnovers aplenty. The 20-year-old is still in the infancy of her career but has plenty of raw potential given her long reaching arms and ability to shut down her opponents thanks to her high workrate and defensive mindset. She can play both an impact role to go out hunting for the big crosscourt intercept, or double down on her opponent to wear them into the ground highlighting her netball smarts albeit in small glimpses so far. However, there is no denying that Odeogberin has a bright future ahead of and will be keen to gain more consistent game time to really hone in her craft and become a frequent threat to be reckoned with.

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