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Te Huinga Selby-Rickit

nzlNew Zealand

height: 184cm

D.O.B: 03-04-1989

The former Silver Ferns defender is the most experienced player down back and will have to lead the young defence end throughout 2020. She is a very intuitive defender able to read the play and slot into the holes to pick off passes and propel the ball back down the court. Selby-Rickit is unsuspecting often using her long reach to force turnovers and create timely tips while her ability to clog space also makes her a threat for the Steel. She is not often frazzled by the goalers movements and is strong in the circle to cover her opponent and block any easy access into the circle. Able to switch between both goal keeper and goal defence seamlessly Selby-Rickit is a real barometer for her side able to create something out of nothing.

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