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Vicki Oyesola


height: 180cm

D.O.B: 16-01-1998

A quality versatile defender, Vicki Oyesola is an eye-catching defender with an impressive aerial ability and affinity for grabbing the loose ball. Speedy and quick footed, Oyesola is not the tallest defender tograce the court but more than makes up with it with her constant pressure and high leap, capable of providing a defensive blockade in the air and at ground level. Oyesola typically plays between goal defence and wing defence, using her clean vision to spot the loose ball and turn it over with ease, able to shadow and mark her opposition if need be but also provide that burst of speed to propel the ball down the court. Currently with the Loughborough Lightning, Oyesola will hope to continue her development with the England Roses, having earned four caps to her name thus far.

Vitality Superleague

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