Scouting notes: Vic Country vs. Western Australia

WESTERN AUSTRALIA finished their NAB AFL Under 18 Championships in style, defeating Vic Country at Etihad Stadium on Friday. Led by bottom-agers Ian Hill and Jarrad Fazioli, Western Australia ran out winners by 29-points.


Matt Balmer’s scouting notes:

Vic Country:

#6 Aidan Quigley – Looked composed with ball in hand, booting the first goal for Vic Country. Has played a few roles around the ground, but his best might just be as a small goal sneak up forward, as he knows where the goals are. Was clean by hand & foot and thought it was one of his better games I’ve seen him play.

#8 Lochie O’Brien – Voice was superb at the contest and around the ground, barking instructions to his teammates. Started far better than he did the week before – missed a kickable chance in the 3rd quarter and was a bit hot and cold with his kicking. Booted a strong goal from outside 50m on his left foot. Often waited for the ball to come to him, rather than going and getting it. Hoping he can put together a consistent four quarter effort.

#9 Luke Davies-Uniacke – Hit a nice spear pass early in the contest, but made a few errors by foot. His second half picked up and he was able to use his strength in the contest and find 23 disposals. Booted a goal just before three quarter time, but did fade in and out of the game at times. Hoping for a complete game like some of his school footy games in Country’s last game for the season.

#19 Matthew Ling – Laid a nice tackle in the first quarter in front of the interchange bench. Showed his dash on the outside, but did get run down on a few occasions. Very agile and has a deadly left foot. Expect him to be the first Falcon selected.

#33 Changkuoth Jiath – Took some exceptional overhead marks and is a flashy player – but yet again was let down by his poor kicking. His execution isn’t great and needs work if he is to be drafted, having one of the worst kicking efficiency numbers for the Under 18 Championships.

Western Australia:

#1 Jarrad Fazioli – Bobbed up as a small forward, booting four goals. Was impressive with his speed and dash, and was lively whenever the ball went near. Keep an eye on him for the 2018 draft.

#2 Ian Hill – Ian “Bobby” Hill was arguably the best player on the ground. His work in the attacking half was very good off the wing. His run was very good on the outside and helped WA run Vic Country off their legs. Going to be a special player and is eligible for the 2018 draft.

#9 Jake Patmore – Leading disposal winner on the ground for WA, with 32 disposals. Found the ball through the midfield, but his distribution off his right foot could be better.

#25 Oscar Allen – Booted two first half goals and took a nice pack mark right on the line and slotted the goal from an impossible angle in the last quarter. Had a very good battle with with his opponents (Jaska/Clavarino), and came out on top. Finished the day with three goals and has been WAs best performer.

#29 Aaron Naughton – Awkward kicking style on his left foot but they managed to get to the right spots. Played as a key defender and won his match up.

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