Team Selection: TAC Cup – Round 1

THE WAIT is over. For the first time since September, the top TAC Cup athletes will take to the field in a brand new season where each team is on level pegging and stars are ready to shine. From the opening night tomorrow night through to Sunday’s clashes in Geelong and Richmond, there is sure to be no shortage of action across the weekend.


Round 1 – Friday, March 23, 7pm
RAMS Arena, Craigieburn

A great spectacle will take place on Friday night with the Calder Cannons meeting the Western Jets under lights at RAMS Arena. Cannons fans remember the heartache at the hands of Eastern Ranges last year, but Calder should be well placed to have a real crack at winning the game. The Jets on paper look quite exciting with Zak Butters and Emerson Jeka the two main men in the forward line, while the half-back line of Oskar Manton, Buku Khamis and Stefan Radovanovic catches the eye. Others to watch include Connor Thar, Xavier O’Halloran and Darcy Cassar.

For the Cannons, the midfield looks bulked up with AFL AIS Academy members Jack Bytel and Rhylee West joining the experienced Mitch Podhajski on-ball. Curtis Taylor will rove to Daniel Hanna up forward, while Essendon fans will be keen to watch Mason Fletcher at full-back. Beside him are names such as Jack Evans and Lachlan Sholl who will provide run out of the backline.

Western Jets

B: 28. J. Papachatzakis, 37. H. Murphy, 6. L. Rocci
HB: 22. O. Manton, 38. B. Khamis, 39. S. Radovanovic
C: 17. D.  Andrews , 33. X.  O’Halloran, 18. B.  Colley
HF: 20. D. Cassar, 11. Z. Butters, 7. J. Watkins
F: 45. A. Clarke, 31. E. Jeka, 10. S. Kyriazis
R: 47. D. Walters, 36. J. Rice, 12. C. Thar
Int: 24. J. Honey, 25. S. Johnson, 30. L. Pettigrove, 2. T. Rudic, 41. L. Rzanovski, 35. T. Warner

Calder Cannons

B: 43. L. Cavallaro, 26. M. Fletcher, 33. J. Evans
HB: 1. D. Mott, 36. P. Mahoney, 8. L. Sholl
C: 35. S.  Graham, 20. R.  West, 48. S.  Ramsay
HF: 27. T. Browning, 38. B. Newman, 19. B. Rigoni
F: 40. L. Johnson, 23. D. Hanna, 5. C. Taylor
R: 60. D. Pretty, 30. M. Podhajski, 16. J. Bytel
Int: 4. K. Baker, 42. N. Croft, 45. C. Kosmas, 54. C. Lamb, 3. I. Moussa , 12. J. O’Sullivan, 19. B. Rigoni



Round 1 – Saturday, March 24, 10.30am
Skybus Stadium, Frankston

In the first game of a TAC Cup double header at Frankston, minor premiers Oakleigh Chargers take on Eastern Ranges. The Chargers have plenty of talented bottom agers with Noah Anderson, Matt Rowell and Dylan Williams all named in the side, while 19 year-old Noah Answerth and the bulked-up Riley Collier-Dawkins will provide some serious grunt on the inside. Collingwood fans have two reasons to watch the Chargers on Saturday – Isaac Quaynor (member of the Pies’ Next Generation Academy) and Will Kelly (father-son prospect) are both lining up.

For Eastern, Ben Cardamone will line up in the back pocket, while the midfield consists of Kye Quirk, Adrian Kalcovski and Cody Hirst who will all be watched by fans and recruiters alike. A lot of the Eastern side are still young, but names that stand out include Joel Burleigh, Xavier Fry, Jack Ross and Riley Clausen.

Oakleigh Chargers

B: 3. J. Ayton-Delaney, 33. M. Warren, 16. L. Westwood
HB: 23. I. Quaynor, 30. B. Wraith, 22. D. Williams
C: 17. T.  Bianco, 1. R.  Collier-Dawkins, 11. M.  Rowell
HF: 32. J. Ross, 4. W. Kelly , 10. C. Whitehead
F: 38. Z. Hart, 7. J. Robertson, 25. D. Scala
R: 79. B. Griffiths, 8. N. Anderson, 12. N. Answerth
Int: 13. A. Bosenavulagi, 14. K. Dunkley, 35. X. Fry, 65. L. Harry, 34. C. Leon, 5. X. O’Neill, 9. J. Rowbottom, 18. B. Silvagni, 28. O. Simpson

Eastern Ranges

B: 20. B. Cardamone, 45. M. Zalac, 21. J. Ross
HB: 38. M. Briggs, 31. J. Blanck, 23. X. Fry
C: 8. J.  Burleigh, 24. K.  Quirk, 17. C.  Hirst
HF: 9. J. Duffy, 42. T. Lockman, 46. B. White
F: 32. F. Smith, 18. B. McCormack, 7. L. Stapleton
R: 41. J. Corless, 2. A. Kalcovski, 10. C. Black
Int: 1. B. Bredin, 6. M. Brown, 4. R. Clausen, 14. L. Gawel, 47. T. Hallett-Tauali’i, 27. J. Jaworski, 11. M. Mellis, 26. C. Norris, 58. R. Smith



Round 1 – Saturday, March 24, 1pm
Skybus Stadium, Frankston

The second game of the double header at Frankston sees the Northern Knights face off against last year’s grand finalists, Sandringham Dragons. Tom McKenzie and Braedyn Gillard provide a damaging one-two punch in the midfield, while Joel Naylor and Patrik Della Rocca are names to keep an eye on up front. In defence, 19 year-old Mark Baker and Kye Agosta will hold down the fort against a strong Dragons forward line.

For Sandringham, both Kings have been named up either end with Max lining up at full-forward despite having some niggling injuries over the pre-season, while brother Ben will stand at centre-half back. Bailey Smith will lead the on-ball brigade alongside 19 year-old Kai Owens, while the likes of James Rendell and Alistair Richards up either end will be ones to watch.

Northern Knights

B: 25. J. Davies, 21. M. Baker, 9. C. Simonsen
HB: 1. R. Gardner, 35. K. Agosta, 5. L. Potter
C: 30. J.  McInerney, 10. B.  Bell, 15. O.  White
HF: 8. A. Carafa, 12. J. Naylor, 6. X. Naish
F: 17. J. D’Intinosante, 40. N. Mayne, 20. P. Della Rocca
R: 16. T. Hallebone, 4. T. McKenzie, 3. B. Gillard
Int: 31. N. Barro, 24. R. Bowkett, 18. S. Brazier, 34. Z. Hudson, 27. J. Lucente, 43. J. Murphy, 2. L. Perry, 13. S. Philp, 44. C. Wild

Sandringham Dragons

B: 6. H. Houlahan, 69. C. Watts, 53. H. Ralphsmith
HB: 19. S. Forbes, 29. B. King, 2. A. Richards
C: 9. R.  Macdermid, 8. K.  Owens, 10. S.  Sofronidis
HF: 17. J. Denborough, 33. W. Kennedy, 18. A. Seaton
F: 27. J. Mahony, 31. M. King, 28. J. Rendell
R: 32. J. Griffiths, 5. B. Smith, 7. L. Stocker
Int: 36. M. Bergman, 72. D. Chirgwin, 59. A. Courtney, 12. C. Jones, 1. T. Long, 26. F. Maginness, 21. D. McNeish, 11. N. Stamatis, 48. J. Worrell



Round 1 – Saturday, March 24, 2pm
MARS Stadium, Ballarat

Heading up north, the Greater Western Victoria (GWV) Rebels open their account against Bendigo Pioneers at home. In the corresponding game last year, it was the Pioneers that got the win, but the Rebels will be keen to hand out some payback this time around. Top Rebels prospect Tom Berry will be fresh after missing half of last season through injury, while Scott Carlin will provide run out of defence. Jed Hill and Charlie Wilson will provide some speed at ground level, roving to Tylar Watts and Josh Chatfield. Bottom-ager Izaac Grant is one to watch, however one player missing from the line-up is Matty Lloyd.

For Bendigo, Jacob Atley and Bailey Henderson are a couple of great ball users coming out of defence, while Brodie Kemp is one to watch at centre-half back. Further up the field, Liam Marciano is playing off a flank, while Will Holt will rotate with Daine Grace coming off the bench in attack. Noah Wheeler showed some signs last season since crossing from the Rebels and will be keen to impress this time around. Unfortunately the Pioneers will be without exciting star forward Jye Caldwell for the opening round.

Greater Western Victoria Rebels

B: 18. B. Helyar, 43. J. Wright, 34. J. O’Connell
HB: 3. S. Carlin, 8. H. Butler, 5. H. Jennings
C: 4. B.  Annett, 9. L.  Dawson, 19. J.  Henderson
HF: 14. J. Hill, 11. J. Chatfield, 7. M. Martin
F: 6. C. Wilson, 20. T. Watts, 15. K. Councillor
R: 29. P. Glanford, 13. T. Berry, 2. M. Schnerring
Int: 36. M. Bidmade, 12. A. Gove, 21. I. Grant, 10. J. Lohmann, 47. T. Mahony, 25. T. Shannon

Bendigo Pioneers

B: 16. J. Atley, 24. N. McHugh, 51. B. Waasdorp
HB: 18. B. Henderson, 8. B. Kemp, 9. Z. Keighran
C: 57. A.  Smith-Ralph, 2. J.  Williams, 47. J. Sala
HF: 17. R. Ironside, 52. K. Walker, 3. L. Marciano
F: 34. R. Clarke, 45. W. Holt, 35. Z. Denahy
R: 23. D. Keating, 5. N. Wheeler, 43. H. Lawrence
Int: 7. L. Chisholm, M. Goodwin, 10. D. Grace, 50. K. Lloyd, 49. O. Perez



Round 1 – Sunday, March 25, 2pm
GMHBA Stadium, Geelong

In the game of the round, Geelong Falcons take on fellow premiership contender Dandenong Stingrays at the newly named GMHBA Stadium in Geelong. Connor Idun and Ethan Floyd are a couple of names to keep an eye on down back, while a midfield of Sam Walsh, Ned McHenry and Oscar Brownless is arguably the best in the competition. Charlie Sprague and Blake Schlensog will continue to improve up forward, while Sam Conway attracted some interest as a ruck last year and will be keen to make his mark in what will be a huge challenge.

The Stingrays have an equally talented line-up, with Bailey Williams and Riley Bowman rotating between ruck and forward, while draft watchers will get a first glimpse at twin towers Stephen and Matthew Cumming. Will Hamill will give the Stingrays run off half-back, while Toby Bedford and Aaron Darling will crumb the tall forwards.

Geelong Falcons

B: 7. C. Harris, 52. S. Christensen, 25. L. Taylor
HB: 40. J. Clark, 39. C. Idun, 13. E. Floyd
C: 6. D.  Madigan, 22. S.  Walsh, 8. E.  McHenry
HF: 2. S. Torpy, 36. C. Sprague, 27. N. Young
F: 31. C. Cartledge, 48. B. Schlensog, 3. K. Rayner
R: 44. S. Conway, 30. O. Brownless, 20. B. Ham
Int: 38. S. Bourke, 1. J. Dahlhaus, 14. R. Hayden, 49. D. Hollenkamp, 10. B. Mensch, 4. C. Mulgrew, 21. L. Smith, 53. S. Stokes, 35. C. Tanis

Dandenong Stingrays

B: 32. D. Frampton, 56. M. Cumming, 2. H. Young
HB: 16. J. Frawley, 5. A. Paterson, 58. W. Hamill
C: 3. J.  Plumridge, 23. C.  Hustwaite, 7. J.  Taylor
HF: 17. F. Bayne, 29. B. Williams, 27. L. McDonnell
F: 15. T. Bedford, 28. B. Schmidt, 14. A. Darling
R: 13. R. Bowman, 18. M. Riordan, 47. J. Hickey
Int: 31. H. Briggs, 33. J. Carosella, 49. M. Cottrell, 36. S. Cumming, 9. Z. Foot, 42. J. Nanscawen, 57. R. Nanscawen



Round 1 – Sunday, March 25, 2.30pm
Swinburne Centre, Richmond

Murray Bushrangers’ experienced side will take on the youthful Gippsland Power team with plenty of draftable talent on show. Zane Barzen and Hudson Garoni  are two that will turn heads up forward, while the Murray spine which also includes Tom Boyd and Ben Kelly is imposing for any opposition. Mark Marriott will be a top ruck prospect this year after a good bottom-age season, rucking to the likes of Ely Smith and Laitham Vandermeer, the latter of whom has returned as a 19 year-old.

For Gippsland, new captain Xavier Duursma will team up with the likes of Austin Hodge and Caleb Serong in the midfield, while overager Matthew McGannon will use his pace off half-back. Irving Mosquito and Sam Flanders make an exciting duo inside the forward 50, while dual key position player Kyle Reid has been named in defence, and Ryan Henkel will start in the ruck.

Murray Bushrangers

B: 28. K. Clarke, 16. N. Murray, 22. A. Dang
HB: 12. L. Ash, 34. T. Boyd, 15. R. Quinn
C: 13. B.  Frauenfelder, 17. N.  Amery, 29. C.  Hill
HF: 7. Z. Barzen, 18. H. Garoni, 26. R. Bice
F: 6. W. Chandler, 3. B. Kelly, 10. P. Warner
R: 23. M. Marriott, 5. E. Smith, 4. L. Vandermeer
Int: 19. J. Boyer, 20. J. Bradshaw, 14. J. Chalcraft, 38. D. Clarke, 32. E. Dayman, 33. F. Ellis, 8. J. Koschitzke, 24. M. Oates, 25. B. St John

Gippsland Power

B: 12. B. Smith, 25. K. Reid, 15. R. Sparkes
HB: 8. B. Beck, 23. N. Gown, 18. M. McGannon
C: 29. B.  Motton, 11. A.  Hodge, 2. C.  Serong
HF: 9. I. Mosquito, 38. J. Wykes, 20. H. Neocleous
F: 4. S. Flanders, 16. J. Smith, 19. F. Phillips
R: 22. R. Henkel, 5. X. Duursma, 33. B. Thorson
Int: 6. R. Baldi, 26. W. Broadbent, 10. L. Connolly, 28. H. Hood, 14. T. Hourigan, 13. N. Lowden, 3. M. McGannon, 7. B. Patterson, 35. J. van der Pligt

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