2021 SANFL U16 weekly wrap: Eagles off to great start as Norwood win nail-biter

WOODVILLE West-Torrens Eagles started their South Australian National Football League (SANFL) Under 16s campaign off in style with a big win over Central District, while Norwood won a thriller over West Adelaide, and South Adelaide and Glenelg post posted wins over Sturt and North Adelaide respectively.

CENTRAL DISTRICT 1.1 | 1.6 | 1.6 | 2.10 (22)
WWT EAGLES 7.3 | 7.7 | 10.10 | 13.11 (89)


Central: E. Scholz, S. Waurer.
Eagles: D. Baxter 2, H. Dodd 2, J. Hickman 2, K. Elliot-Karpany, P. Toole.

Two runs of six consecutive goals saw the Woodville-West Torrens Eagles run out easy 67-point victors over an inaccurate Central District outfit that had its chances, but could not capitalise on them. The Eagles had 24 scoring shots to 12, but it was the Bulldogs’ 2.10 accuracy that made life difficult for them. Booting the first six goals of the game, and 12 of the first 13, the Eagles really took control of the match and never looked back. They had a plus-71 in disposals, took 17 more marks – including 10-1 contested marks – and had a whopping 61 inside 50 entries to 32. To Central’s credit, they repelled well with 47-32 rebounds, and won the hitouts (31-14) and tackles (51-45).

Pat Toole had a day out with 34 touches, eight marks, four tackles, four clearances, four inside 50s and 1.2, as Patrick Weckert (25 disposals, 11 marks – two contested – two tackles, four inside 50s and seven rebounds) was everywhere. Brody Mair (23 disposals, four marks, three tackles, three clearances and four inside 50s), Callum Fairall (21 disposals, five marks – one contested – three inside 50s and four rebounds) and Harry Dodd (19 disposals, seven marks, six inside 50s and two goals) were also dominant on the day. For Central, William O’Brien racked up a team-high 27 touches and 12 marks, as well as three clearances, three inside 50s and four rebounds. Seb Waurer (19 disposals, four marks, six tackles, four inside 50s and five rebounds) and Ethan Scholz (15 disposals, four marks, two tackles and three rebounds) were the two goalkickers on the day. Lachlan Butler (18 disposals, four marks and six tackles) and ruck Jayden Matz (18 disposals, 24 hitouts and six tackles) provided great defensive pressure around the stoppages.

SOUTH ADELAIDE 1.4 | 5.4 | 10.6 | 13.7 (85)
STURT 3.2 | 5.8 | 5.10 | 9.10 (64)


South: S. Hoeck, A. Duke, Z. Keir, P. Hargrave, I. Churchill.
Sturt: C. Reschke 4, C. Mills, D. Gladigau, K. McEntee, N. Prenzler.

A five goals to zero second quarter was the difference between South Adelaide and Sturt as the Panthers ran away with a 21-point in an otherwise tight contest. The Double Blues won the first and fourth quarters, but nine goals to two in the second and third terms – including five consecutive majors in the third quarter – made life difficult for the visitors. South Adelaide won the disposal count marginally (269-264), but it was their spread, with 81 marks to 47, as well as defensive pressure with 60 tackles to 37. The Double Blues will be disappointed they did not make more of their inside 50 entries, racking up 44 to 36 despite losing both the hitout and clearance counts.

Blake Rodrigues was the key ball winner for the Panthers, picking up 25 disposals to go with four marks, six tackles, three clearances, four inside 50s and four rebounds. He worked well with the likes of Jace Daris (19 disposals, six marks, four tackles, four clearances and three inside 50s), Phoenix Hargrave (14 disposals, four marks, seven tackles, three clearances, three inside 50s and two goals) and Tom Wheaton (20 disposals, four marks, four tackles, five clearances and four inside 50s) around the stoppages. Tom Schirmer had 23 hitouts from nine touches in the ruck, while Myles Amos was steadfast in defence with six rebounds from 14 touches and five marks, forming a rock solid partnership with Nicholas Schroder (14 disposals, eight marks – three contested – and four rebounds). For Sturt, Kobe McEntee had a busy night with 20 disposals, three marks, seven tackles, five clearances, six inside 50s and a goal, while Declan Gladigau had the most disposals with 22, as well as two marks, three tackles, six inside 50s, two rebounds and a goal. Ned Atkinson (18 disposals, four marks, five clearances, three inside 50s and a goal), Chad Reschke (eight disposals, five marks – three contested – and four goals) both hit the scoreboard and contributed strongly, while Brodie Maloney (18 disposals, nine rebounds) was unflappable in defence.


NORTH ADELAIDE 0.2 | 3.4 | 7.6 | 10.9 (69)
GLENELG 3.4 | 8.4 | 12.7 | 15.9 (99)


North: J. Dundon 2, T. Morgan 2, M. Boxall, K. McAuliffe, A. Tully.
Glenelg: C. Hillier 4, J. Altus 2, I. Kean 2, H. Francis, E. Redman.

A fast start and a dominant third term from forward Charlie Hillier has helped Glenelg secure a comfortable 30-point win over North Adelaide in their clash. The Bays started strongly booting the first four goals of the dame, and by half-time had a 30-point lead. North came out firing in the third term to pile on three consecutive majors and reduce the margin to just 12 points, before Hillier had other ideas, slotting three of the next four goals himself to finish with the four majors, and the Bays managed to hold off their opponents for the rest of the contest for a 15.9 (99) to 10.9 (69) win. Glenelg had 61 more disposals (299-238), 20 more marks (92-72) and five more inside 50s (45-40), but the Roosters were on top in the clearances (30-24) and particularly the tackles (54-34).

Hillier finished with 13 disposals, four marks – one contested – six tackles and two inside 50s to accompany his four goals, while Josh Altus (13 disposals, six marks – one contested – three tackles, six inside 50s and two goals) was the other multiple goalkicker for the winners. In terms of disposals, Kaidyn Weber led all-comers thanks to his 28, as well as five marks, four tackles, four clearances, six inside 50s and one goal, while Benjamin Ridgway (27 disposals, 10 marks – three contested – five clearances, two inside 50s and six rebounds) filled the stat sheet, particularly in the air. Lucas Camporeale (20 disposals, seven inside 50s and two rebounds), Lochlan Thiele (20 disposals, five marks and eight rebounds) and Harry Francis (10 disposals, six marks – three contested – 21 hitouts and one goal) were others who had plenty of action in the victory. For North, inside midfielder Luke Harvey amassed 30 touches, six marks – three contested – six tackles, seven clearances and three inside 50s, while Angus Tully went one better with 31 disposals, two marks, two tackles, seven clearances, six inside 50s and a goal. Kane McAuliffe (23 disposals, nine marks, three tackles, four clearances, nine inside 50s four rebounds and a goal) also worked hard, as Jack Dundon (14 disposals, six marks – four contested – five tackles and two goals) and Tom Morgan (10 disposals, seven marks, three tackles, three inside 50s and two goals) both managed multiple majors in the match.


NORWOOD 5.1 | 7.4 | 10.6 | 11.10 (76)
WEST ADELAIDE 2.3 | 6.6 |7.9 | 10.12 (72)


Norwood: W. Rozenbilds 3, P. Higgins 2, W. Rowlands, J. Jones, B. Rachwal.
West: M. Downs 3, J. Hansen 2, M. McKenzie 2, C. Haysman, K, Hilton.

In a topsy-turvy match, Norwood always seemed to have a slight advantage after West hit the front early, but the Redlegs never quite felt sage with numerous West Adelaide attacks leading to an absolute thrilling contest. In the end, Norwood got up by four points, 11.10 (76) to 10.12 (72), booting four consecutive goals near the end of the first term to five them a 16-point lead at the opening break, in what was a high-scoring opening term. The Bloods hit back to cut the deficit to just four points by the main break before the Redlegs hitout again to stretch it to 15 points, and then two consecutive goals in the final quarter – amongst a ton of behinds for both sides, cut the deficit to just four points. A late goal to Brayden Rachwal put the Redlegs back out by 10, before Max Downs‘ third goal cut the deficit to a consolation four points for the Bloods. The stats were fairly even in terms of ball-winning, with West Adelaide notching up 92-73 marks and 49-33 tackles, as well as having 10 more hitouts (32-22). The Redlegs got on top in the clearances (33-23) and inside 50s (49-35), but the Bloods defence held up well with 37 rebounds to 25.

Connor Butcher was strong in the middle for the Redlegs, picking up 27 disposals, three marks, four tackles, seven clearances, six inside 50s and booting a goal, while Rohan Bailey (23 touches, four marks, three tackles and five inside 50s) and William Rowlands (22 disposals, seven marks, four clearances, four inside 50s and a goal) were also good around the clinches. Will Rozenbilds slotted three goals from 10 touches, while Patrick Higgins kicked two from 17 disposals and six marks. In defence, Cody McInnes (20 disposals, four marks, three inside 50s and seven rebounds) and Harvey George (14 disposals, six marks – three contested – and 10 rebounds) had the bulk of their team’s rebounds. West Adelaide had a number of prominent ball winners with Downs (26 disposals, 10 marks – three contested – five inside 50s and three goals), Lukas Zvaigzne (27 disposals. five marks, three tackles, four clearances and four inside 50s), Charlie Haysman (24 disposals, eight marks and one goal) and Judd Hansen (21 disposals, six marks, three clearances and two goals) all have big days out. In defence, Oscar Albot (16 disposals, five marks, four tackles and five rebounds) and Luke Tippens (13 disposals, four marks, five tackles and seven rebounds) were impressive.

Picture credit: Norwood Facebook

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