Opinion: Why Brisbane fans should not panic

BRISBANE fans, do not panic.

Yes things were a complete disaster in Round 1. You got smacked in the Grand Final rematch and you lost arguably two of your Top 10 players in Kate Lutkins and Dakota Davidson to long-term injuries.

For the fans out there who ride every bump and wave with your team, and are so emotionally invested that you hit panic stations when something like this happens, do not worry because there is still much to be excited about in season 2022, and you have the depth to cover them.

Firstly, let us take a look at who will probably come in to replace those two.

In terms of Lutkins, it is pretty straight forward. Sharni Webb is sitting there ready to go, and although may not be as talented as Lutkins, is still a very good and experienced player.

Now for Davidson, it may seem less straight forward but I think you still have a great potential swap here. Hear me out – Zimmorlei Farquharson.

She is taller than Davidson, a strong mark and arguably even more dangerous then Davidson because she is quick and more mobile.

From what I have seen of her she seriously impressed me, and I was honestly shocked she was not named in the Round 1 side.   

Anyway, If it is Farquharson that comes she can make an already daunting Brisbane forward line even more tricky to contend with for the opposition. You have already got Jesse Tawhaio-Wardlaw, Isabel Dawes and Courtney Hodder down there, and add Farquharson too and I would certainly not want to be an opposition coach trying to match up on that.

Now in terms of your upcoming fixture, whilst no team wants to be without one of its best players or anyone ever suffer an injury, Davidson’s could have come at a worse time.

Davidson is out for the next four to five weeks, and in that time the Lions play Carlton, Geelong and Collingwood at home, Gold Coast away (but that is still Queensland conditions) and then finally St Kilda, which will be the next time the team has to leave Queensland.

Compare that to the fixture after Davidson is due back, which sees the Lions come up against Melbourne and North at home, and West Coast and Richmond away.

In that first half of the fixture, the only team they should really struggle against is Collingwood. Carlton will be an interesting game, but they should beat the other three. This is whether Davidson is in the side or not.

Then by the time Davidson comes back, things start to get trickier in terms of opponent strength, but it will not matter because Davidson will be back.

So in the end, I hope I have convinced the pessimists among the Lions faithful that not all hope is lost, and we should still see your girls in the pointy end of the season.

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