AFLW Rising Star Player Focus: Em Pease (GWS)

IN our new series of Player Focuses, we are taking a specific look at one of the Rising Star nominees each week, and their nominee worthy performances.

This week’s focus is on Emily Pease, who starred in her side’s win over Carlton.

Emily Pease stats vs Carlton

Disposals: 10
Marks: 2
Goals: 2


It certainly did not take Pease long to get involved in the clash.

Starting on the wing, within two minutes she had intercepted a switch kick from the Blues as they were trying to leave defensive 50, and Pease was going back for her first shot at goal.

She ultimately converted the goal, with her subsequent kick coming from roughly 50m out at a pretty tight angle.

That would not be the end of her goal kicking efforts for the quarter, with her second major coming in very different circumstances.

She had found herself in some space about 20 to 25m out, and after receiving a handball from Georgia Garnett was able to kick truly.

Her powerful kicks were very useful in getting her side out of tricky situations on a number of occasions.

She was able to kick long to the wing out of defence multiple times, clearly the danger and giving her side some breathing space.  


The second quarter was a little bit quieter for Pease.

With much of the game played on the opposite side of the ground to Pease’s wing, she kept her space and stuck to her side of the ground to ensure she wasn’t ‘a seagull to the chip’.

However, it was not a completely quiet quarter for Pease.

She laid a really strong tackle on Brooke Vickers, but unfortunately for Pease she didn’t quite land it correctly and so gave away a free kick for in the back.

Later in the quarter she was involved in a handball chain that started a push into the Giants’ forward 50 that resulted in a goal to Cora Staunton.


For Pease in the third quarter, it was more about what she did without the ball than what she did with it.

Although she was involved in a handball one-two and had a good kick from the wing into inside 50, she also laid several strong tackles and almost intercept marked a kick from the Blues into Carlton’s forward 50 but dropped the mark.


Much like the third quarter, Pease made more of an impact off the ball than with it.

She did pick up a loose ball in the middle of the park that had slid past Jessica Dal Pos, which resulted in an inside 50 and eventually a goal to Staunton.

She also almost landed a tackle on Keeley Skepper but did still affect Skepper’s kick.

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