CTL Girls Q&A: Lila Keck (Bendigo Pioneers)

BENDIGO Pioneers skipper Lila Keck is one of the stars of the upcoming Coates Talent League and we chatted to her at the Preseason Testing Day. Here is how our chat with the AFLW Academy member and Vic Country representative went down.

RMC Q: How has preseason been, are you feeling fit and ready to go?

Keck: Absolutely. Going into my top-age year it’s the fittest I’ve felt so far. We’ve got a really strong team, a young one, but feel like I fit in a little bit more with these girls being a bit younger.

RMC Q: How have your past accomplishments (Vic Country, AFLW Academy) helped set you up for the year ahead?

Keck: I’m trying not to get too far ahead of myself, trying to take a couple of steps at a time. Obviously being recognised for my hard work with the AFLW Academy definitely boosted the confidence moving into the year, but a couple of steps a time.

RMC Q: What have those Vic Country and AFLW Academy programs taught you?

Keck: Lots of things, probably everything I know. High performance wise, lots about recovery and gym, and your football structure and meeting new girls and learning how to perform in a high-performance climate.

RMC Q: What role will you be playing for the Pioneers in the 2023 Coates Talent League season?

Keck: I think I’ll be playing in a midfield/forward rotation but playing most of my time in the midfield and then get my rest sitting down forward and hopefully kicking a snag or few.

RMC Q: What are some of the strengths in your game?

Keck: Definitely my work rate, and then my ability to win the ball and use it well. As well as goal sense.

RMC Q: What about the improvements you’re looking to make?

Keck: I’m still working very hard on my speed and just being able to burst out of contests and get that break away a little bit more. Then again just execution and cleanliness.

RMC Q: Which AFLW players do you mould you game on?

Keck: Lily Mithen or Monique Conti. They’re really hard ball-getters, just their competitiveness sets them aside from everyone else.

RMC Q: What AFLW club do you support?

Keck: North Melbourne.

RMC Q: Have you had any mentors along your footballing journey?

Keck: Definitely my dad, and my brother who are footy heads and coaches at the Pioneers, Danny O’Bree especially and Vic Country as well.

RMC Q: Looking ahead to the AFLW Draft at the end of the year, have you thought about whether you will nominate Victoria or interstate?

Keck: It will depend with how I go with my schooling and where I want to take that. But definitely stay home for the first couple of years for sure.

RMC Q&A: Other than being drafted, what are your other goals for 2023?

Keck: Other than being drafted, just playing my best footy and bring people up with me along the way.

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