SANFL Women’s Player Focus: Marlie Fiegert (WWT Eagles)

PORT Adelaide father-daughter eligible talent Marlie Fiegert worked hard all game against South Adelaide in dour conditions as she was among the best Eagles in defeat. Though ultimately her side fell two points short, 1.2 (8) to 1.4 (10), Fiegert was a prime mover in the midfield, applying strong defensive pressure both inside and outside the contest.

Marlie Fiegert

Height: 169cm

Weight: -

DOB: 10-05-2005


Marlie Fiegert enjoyed one of her best games the week before in a heavy 10-goal loss to Sturt, collecting 20 disposals five clearances and laying eight tackles. Though normally not a high possession winner, Fiegert had amassed back-to-back 20-disposal games in the SANFL Women’s League competition, the first time she had achieved the feat.

2023 SANFL Women’s: Round 7
Woodville-West Torrens 1.2 (8) def. by South Adelaide 1.4 (10)

STATS: 18 disposals (12 kicks, 6 handballs), 8 tackles, 7 clearances, 3 inside 50s, 1 rebound 50s


Fiegert won an early clearance from half-back and thumped it down the wing, rotating through midfield in the opening term. She was busy from the get-go, racking up the clearances including one from a forward stoppage that lead to a rushed behind after Tiffany Copley ran the ball through.

A minute later, Fiegert won a clearance, fended off an opponent and kicked it forward to teammate Chantelle Mitchell who snapped a behind. At the 11-minute mark, Fiegert was able to win the ball from a stoppage, get back onto her right side and kick to centre half-forward, but it was unfortunately intercepted after the ball hit the deck.

Fiegert had a quieter second term, but still brought her customary pressure to the fore. She won a free kick in defence, kicking long to half-back, and though it was intercepted, she remained active to cover her opponent in the defensive 50.


Bouncing back for a big third term, Fiegert won the opening clearance via a handball receive and kick inside 50, then pushed forward to win the ball again and have a kick towards goal. That shot unfortunately bounced out of bounds, but she was up and about.

The majority of Fiegert’s touches came out of stoppages, with a rushed kick from half-back to the wing, and then a neat handball to a teammate all coming in the first five minutes. At the six-minute mark of the third term, Fiegert won a free kick outside 50 but her kick inboard was intercepted. A few minutes later, the Eagles midfielder tried to clear a ball on the wing but was smothered.

There were better times ahead for Fiegert late in the term, as she won the ball at the 17-minute mark and fended off an opponent. Her last touch was a hardball get but was unluckily pinged for holding the ball after locking it in.

The fourth term was another quieter one for Fiegert but she still had a few touches, with a clean pickup off the deck in the ninth minute. She was able to execute a handball under pressure to her teammate which was impressive. In the final minute of the game, she had a chance to win the match off a snap at the top of the goalsquare but was brought down among a pack of players.


Marlie Fiegert is a player who provide 100 per cent effort and intensity each and every game. She has natural leadership and always puts her body on the line. Her polish is definitely an area that is continuing to be worked on, but she reads the game well, and is able to find the ball in close and on the outside.

Able to thrive in tough conditions like Thursday night, the potential Port father-daughter selection is one who has no problems getting her hands dirty and has a chance to impress in the upcoming AFLW Under 18 Championships after making the final cut for the State Academy squad.

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