AFLW U18s Player Focus: India Rasheed (South Australia)

STANDOUT bottom-age prospect India Rasheed was simply sensational in South Australia’s big win over Vic Metro on the weekend. In what was the Croweaters’ second victory of the 2023 AFLW Under 18 Championships, Rasheed rotated between midfield and attack, doing plenty of damage both through her delivery and scoreboard impact.

Her performance was the subject of our Player Focus from the match, with the Sturt prospect among the best talents in next year’s AFL Women’s Draft.

2023 AFLW Under 18 Championships
South Australia 13.8 (86) def. Vic Metro 4.4 (28)

STATS: 27 disposals (17 kicks, 10 handballs | 55% efficiency, 76% contested), 5 marks, 6 tackles, 5 inside 50s, 2 goal, 1 behind


India Rasheed started her day with quick hands inside 50, winning the ball cleanly and getting it out to a teammate. Soon enough she won it again and put it into space for her teammates to take full advantage of, and when it came back out, the Sturt utility laid a fierce tackle at half-forward.

At the seven-minute mark, Rasheed had a lovely clearance off her preferred left to her Double Blues teammate Zara Walsh, ultimately leading to a Lauren Young goal. At the nine-minute mark, Rasheed hit a pinpoint pass to Violet Patterson from half-back to the wing and finished the quarter with seven disposals.


Rasheed opened her account in the second term with a nice pickup off the deck four minutes into the quarter, which saw her spin around and drive the ball inside 50. Unfortunately, Vic Metro defender Ava Campbell outworked her opponent to intercept the ball. At the six-minute mark of the term, Rasheed tried to kick forward, was smothered, won it back at half-forward and was dragged down but delivered the perfect kick to Young who converted a goal out of it.

Winning another touch a few minutes later at half-forward, her kick inside 50 was unfortunately turned over, but soon she would mark on the forward side of the centre. She handballed off to the running Brooke Boileau who would pump it inside 50 to the danger zone. Capping off her term, Rasheed won a free kick on the wing and kicked down the ground to a contest where she would end the half at an impressive 15 disposals.


The talented forward was yet to hit the scoreboard, but that was about to change as four minutes into the premiership quarter, Rasheed roved the ball off hands and cleverly snapped it around her body to snag a goal. A few minutes later, she marked at the top of 50, wheeled onto her left and delivered a bullet pass into Ruby Ballard but the ball slipped through her fingers.

Rasheed almost kicked a second goal at the nine-minute mark of the quarter when deep in the forward pocket. She got a handball away and then ran forward to receive it, snapping around her body from an almost identical spot as the earlier goal but it was touched off the boot. Her final touch of the term was a neat handball to a teammate when she moved into the middle, finishing the third quarter with a game-high 23 disposals.


Rasheed effectively played exclusively forward in the final term, so was did not always have many chances when further afield, but she applied good pressure when around the ball. In the 14th minute of the term, she received a handball going inside 50 and went towards Boyd in the pocket who was spoiled, then followed up to win the ground ball.

From that groundball, Rasheed spun onto her left again in a familiar sight and it never looked like missing. She split the big sticks for her second goal of the game. She was not done impacting the scoreboard yet though taking a strong mark 60m out and delivering a powerful kick towards Young just out from goal. It came off hands, but the delivery intent was superb.


India Rasheed is among the potential pick one contenders next year in an incredibly strong draft crop. She can play forward or in the midfield and has that elite left boot that can do so much damage. Able to compete in the air or at ground level, Rasheed is an immensely talented youngster who will be a player to watch for years to come.

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