Sun thrown in the deep end early but grateful for the show of faith

MEARA Girvan was one of a number of new faces for the Gold Coast Suns on Saturday afternoon as the Suns almost pulled off a come from behind win against Carlton, and speaking post match it was clear she was frustrated about how the game eventuated.

“It was pretty frustrating” she said.

“I think we were saying in the rooms because we sort of felt like we could have won it so coming back ang getting within two points was exciting and it was a bit disappointing at the end not to finish it off.”

Although goal kicking was a big part in why the Suns were unable to get over the line, Girvan said that was not the only reason for their downfall.

“Scoring shots were a bit of an issue but there were things we need to work on all over the ground. I wouldn’t put it just down to that, but we’ll sort of focus on a few things this week and hopefully get a win next week,” she said.

Things really started to turn around for the Suns in the final term, but Girvan said all that the team spoke about at three quarter time was belief.

“We sort of just said that we just need to have the belief,” she said. “Our coach sort of said we’re winning this, and it really got us all up and about and we really believed it and even the fact that they got that first goal in the fourth, we could have really just dropped our heads but we came and kicked three in a row. Just belief.”

Girvan certainly had a tough task on debut, having to mark none other than Darcy Vescio.

“It was quite the challenge. I definitely had a lot of learnings playing on them but I really enjoyed it,” she said. “I think it’s a good start, there will be lots of vision to look at and learn from but enjoyed it.”

Despite the difficulty of her match up, Girvan said that the fact she had such a tough assignment on debut gave her a boost of confidence in how much the coaches value her and believe in her.

“It does certainly,” she said. “I feel like they’ve got a lot of confidence and belief which I feel like I play well off when the coaches believe in me so it definitely help.”

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