Limelight-lacking Lambert helps Saints create history

ST Kilda made a bit of club history on the weekend, downing Hawthorn to record a third win in a row for the first time in its AFLW history.

After a less than ideal first three weeks of the season, things are starting to look much better for those from Moorabbin, and they have now equalled their highest number of wins in a season and there is still a month left in the season.

There were some big player moves during the last offseason, but one that in ways flew under the radar was Jaimee Lambert’s move to St Kilda. Perhaps it is the nature of Lambert herself that helps this, but her inclusion into St Kilda’s midfield has given the Saints a boost that is not getting talked about much.

Although one of the stars of the competition, the value of the two-time All Australian’s move to the Saints should not be underestimated.

Much of St Kilda’s midfield is on the smaller, leaner, quicker side of the scale, so bringing in Lambert adds a whole element to the midfield. Her strong body in the contest allows her to be the one that goes and gets that first clearance, and leaves the more speedy midfielders like Tyanna Smith, Georgia Patrikios and Molly McDonald to use their speed to their advantage and quickly get the ball forward for the Saints.

This has helped St Kilda improves its ball movement this year, and once it really gets going, the speed of it is hard to catch at times.

Lambert’s inclusion into the St Kilda midfield also gives the group a much needed leadership boost.

The St Kilda midfield is very young and not overly experienced, especially compared to Lambert. Most of St Kilda’s midfielders are currently in their early 20s, and only have at most half the number of games of experience that Lambert does. Combined with fellow new faces Jesse Wardlaw and Stephanie Chiocci, the trio have also brought a whole new level of leadership to the whole group more broadly.

Lambert is also a bit of a goal sneak, so she has also added another option to St Kilda’s goal kicking options list. On Saturday she kicked a goal of her own and set up another, and the goal assist came off the back of a well timed bump to catch the Hawks defender off guard, and it was a maneuver that seems to only come through the level of experience Lambert has.

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