Q&A: Emma Kilpatrick (West Adelaide)

WEST Adelaide top-ager Emma Kilpatrick is a rebounding defender with a booming and reliable kick. After making the final squad of 30 for South Australia last year but not quite being able to crack into the side, the Bloods defender has set her sights on locking down a role in the best 21. We spoke to her at the SANFL Women’s Preseason Testing Day.

Q: Emma, tell us a bit about your footy journey?

EK: “I started when I was about 10 at SMOSH West Lakes under Anthony Forby and then I played there for a couple of years and then I moved to Henley when I was about 14 or 15. From there I was lucky enough to get picked into the Under 16s carnival at Westies and then they noticed me and now I’m in the women’s program.”

Q: Last year you made the SANFLW state squad, what was it like?

EK: “It was a good learning experience. Got to see all the other talent around South Australia. Worked with new people that you play with in the SANFL and it was good.”

Q: How have you found playing that defensive role at Westies?

EK: “It’s good, I like playing the higher half-backs, I get to run off and use my kick. Hopefully I can play in that higher role this year again.”

Q: What are some of your strengths?

EK: “I definitely like to attack the ball, I’ve got a long leg.”

Q: What about the improvements you’re looking to make?

EK: “Definitely my fitness and my repeat efforts because they’re not very good. Hopefully I can use that to move myself into the midfield a bit this year.”

Q: Which players at the elite level do you model your game on?

EK: “Definitely someone like Chelsea Randall, the way she goes in hard, she gets the ball. Ebony Marinoff, she’s also another one.”

Q: Who has had the most influence on your personal career?

EK: Definitely my family, my dad and my mum and my brothers. I grew up with a lot of male cousins and we always played footy in the backyard and they’ve always pushed me.”

Q: What AFL/W club you support?

EK: “Port Adelaide.”

Q: What goals do you set for yourself in 2024?

EK: “I definitely want to make the state squad of 30. Hopefully get a game this year, and then also just to be consistent in League footy.”

Q: Now being one of the older ones in the State Academy, what do you want to offer to the younger players?

EK: “I want to be a good role model for the younger ones coming up and lead by example.”

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