Q&A: Megan Mifsud (Giants Academy)

AN over-ager who came along in leaps and bounds last season, Megan Mifsud is back for another season at the Giants Academy. After crossing from soccer, the tough and athletic midfielder had a breakout first year to the point where she earned an AFLW Draft Combine invite.

Though she ultimately missed out on cracking onto a list at the top level, the 18-year-old looms as one to watch in 2024 as she continues her rapid development through the junior pathway. We spoke to her ahead of the Giants Academy Preseason Testing Day over the weekend.

Q: Megan, tell us about your football journey?

MM: “I only started playing last year. I was doing soccer at a pretty high level. I wanted to do something a bit different, so my brother was in academy so they had an open trial so I trialed for that and got into it. Then it went from there, it was my first year last year and played Giants Academy and club and now I’m here.”

Q: You made the Allies squad last year, what was experience like?

MM: “It was a cool experience, I loved it. It was a different level, it was harder but I enjoyed it so it was good for my first year I think.”

Q: What do you take from that experience coming into this year?

MM: “I think the level. Obviously it was a good experience, so I can bring that to Academy with the younger girls coming up and bring that to club as well.”

Q: You’ve got testing today, is there an event you look forward to?

MM: “I like the sprinting and the agility. I did well in that last year as well. I’ve been working on that so hopefully I do well on that again and improving on my yo-yo from last year.”

Q: What are some of your strengths on the field?

MM: “I think my speed and physicality in my game. My contested footy I think is really good, so I’m hoping to build on that as well, and there are things I need to work on.”

Q: How about some of the improvements you’re looking to make to your game?

MM: “I’ve only been playing for a year so my game knowledge, that will come. My clean hands I’ve been working on with my Giants coaches, so hopefully i will keep working on that and it will all come together.”

Q: What AFL/W club do you support?

MM: “Giants. I’m from western Sydney.”

Q: What did it mean when you were growing up to have a club that’s in the local area?

MM: “I think it’s great. You go 15 minutes away to go to games. I’ve always gone for Giants since the club’s started, so to play for them as well for Academy. It’s just cool to play for your local.”

Q: Who’s someone you look up to at the top level?

MM: “I like watching Christian Petracca and Toby Greene. They’re both kind of my position so I look up to them. Also Jodie Hicks in the women’s. She’s my coach at club so I think that’s pretty cool to have someone in the AFLW level that also can help me at club as well.”

Q: Finally, what goals do you set for yourself in 2024?

MM: “This year I’m hoping to keep improving, continuing from last year. I’m hoping to play Allies again if that’s a possibility, and I just want to play consistent, good footy at all levels and just see where it goes from there.”

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