Q&A: Sam Lalor (GWV Rebels)

GREATER Western Victoria (GWV) prospect Sam Lalor is a talented dual-sportsman. He currently plays school cricket alongside Under 19 World Cup winner Oliver Peake at Geelong Grammar, and is part of the esteemed AFL Academy as one of this year’s brightest draft prospects.

The midfield bull has drawn comparisons to Dustin Martin for his power and strength, but is a Collingwood fan who models his game on Jordan De Goey – for many of the same reasons. Having been there live, he labelled last year’s AFL Grand Final as the best day of his life.

Lalor is among the strong group of players who made their Under 18 National Championships debuts last year, turning out for two games with Vic Country. We spoke to him about his experiences and the year ahead at last week’s Coates Talent League preseason testing event.

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Sam Lalor

Height: 187cm

Weight: -

DOB: 30-08-2006


Q: Sam, you’ve been part of some great representative programs throughout preseason – what kind of things have you learned from them?

A: A lot of the learnings I’ve taken from all the programs I’ve been through is how high performance it is and how professional the environment is, with your preparation and your recovery as well.

Q: You’ve also been busy playing a bit of cricket recently?

A: I’m just playing at school, which has been enjoyable. Loving cricket a lot at the moment. Playing with my mates and not playing as seriously as I was, so I’m enjoying it.

Q: How has it been playing with Ollie Peake? Obviously he’s just won the Under 19 World Cup.

A: Unreal. I’ve been playing with him for a couple years now and to be playing school cricket with him is just really special. I don’t have many games with him left so I’m going to make sure I make the most of every one.

Q: Was there any reason why you leant towards footy in the end?

A: I enjoy footy more and I think playing (both) was getting a bit too much for me. So I think I just enjoy my footy more.

Q: You’ll be playing footy across several different programs this year, so how’s that juggling act going?

A: It’s pretty challenging, but I suppose you’ve just got to find two to three people who are in your corner that are going to stay in the loop and they’re always going to help you out. Finding those key people is really important.

Q: In terms of your position and role this season, what kind of split are you anticipating to have?

A: Mainly midfield time throughout the year, definitely an inside mid and resting deep forward.

Q: What do you see as your strengths and areas for improvement?

A: I think my strengths are my strength, power, and leadership. What I want to work on is my endurance and evasiveness.

Q: You’ve drawn comparisons to Dustin Martin, is he a player you try to mould your game on?

A: He’s definitely one of them. But I like to watch Jordan De Goey as well and model my game on him. I’m a Collingwood fan, so it’s always good to watch him and ‘Dusty’ too.

Q: How was it getting to watch the Grand Final last year after your Futures game?

A: Yeah, we played and got to stay and watch the Grand Final. It was probably the best day of my life to be honest.

Q: Lastly, what kind of goals have you got set up for the year overall?

A: Hopefully to find myself on an (AFL) list at the end of the year and to continue to work on my leadership, and then try to win a flag for the Rebels.

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