Q&A: Coby Morgan (Norwood)

EXPLOSIVE Norwood winger Coby Morgan is relatively new to Australian rules football, but she has come a long way in a short space of time. Already representing South Australia as a bottom-ager, Morgan has developed her wing craft this year under new Redlegs coach Brad Ferrall, while still maintaining close ties with former Norwood coach Brad Snell who has taken over the State Academy.

We spoke to the top-ager at the South Australian Preseason Testing Day about her football journey to-date, gamestyle, rolemodels and inspirations, and goals for the future.

Q: Coby, tell us about your footy journey?

CM: “Around 2020 I just decided to pick up local footy at Modbury Hawks just for fun because my friends did it. From there I grew a love for it and wanted to go forward with it so I tried out for the Norwood Under 16s team. From my first season there I got picked up to be in the Norwood women’s program.”

Q: Playing seniors and state league team, what was that like for you?

CM: “It was amazing. I guess getting to know all these different people from South Australia, being able to play with the best of the best and able to be coached by the best as well. It was awesome to have all these different insights from players and coaches and just being able to play the gam es as well against the best girls in Australia, it was awesome.”

Q: Always been that forward or have you played midfield?

CM: “It was only actually last year my coach Brad Snell decided to pop me as a small forward which I was very new to. I had no idea how to play forward, but I actually loved it. I loved being able to kick goals but I think this season I’ll probably extend a bit further out around the ground but happy to play anywhere.”

Q: You’ve just done the testing, what was that like for you given you’re obviously quite quick, do you enjoy going for a run?

CM: “I love that. I think testing days like these are a good opportunity for me to show my strengths. My speed, but also my jumping as well. It was a good opportunity for me to showcase my talents.”

Q: Outside of those, what do you see as some of the strengths in your game?

CM: “I think I’m starting to develop more of a football brain. It used to just be my athletic ability which got me to where I am, but being able to with the state thing, I’ve learnt to expand on that and see more openly around the ground. All these things have definitely helped me develop my football brain and be able to use that as my strength as well as my athleticism.”

Q: What are you working on improving?

CM: “As I said before I’ve been a small forward the last season so I’d actually love to develop my marking game and stuff like that and being able to play as a tall and a small. That would be really useful come draft time and being picked up if I have a range of these different skills that I can develop, I think it will be very good for me.”

Q: Do you see yourself getting more midfield time overall?

CM: “I’d love to. I think I like having a lot of grass to run onto and lots of space in front of me, so I think midfield would be awesome, I’d love to get into there.”

Q: You’ve got a unique situation where your old coach at Norwood is now at the state program (Snell) and you have a new coach at Norwood (Ferrall), what’s that like?

CM: “Brad Ferrall new coach, I think he’s excellent, I’ve loved him so far. It’s only been a few weeks into preseason, but I think he’s going to be really good for our team. With Brad Snell as well, I’m so excited that I get to be coached by him again. I think he was so good for me last year and he helped me through a lot so I’m really excited to have him as my state coach.”

Q: What AFL/AFLW club do you support?

CM: “I’m a Crows girl.”

Q: Who do you look up to at the top level and model your game on?

CM: “I think Niamh Kelly from the Crows. I think we are very similar players and I think that I could learn an awful lot from her and one day I’d love to be able to get up to her standards.”

Q: Who’s had the most influence on your career?

CM: “Definitely my dad. He was a big footballer when he was growing up, he played for Woodville-West Torrens. He’s always been there yapping at me always wanting me to play footy. I think he’s really happy that I picked it up. I can learn lots from him as well, when at home I’m not just learning when I go to training and games, my dad is very knowledgeable with that stuff as well, so it’s good.”

Q: What goals do you set yourself this year?

CM: “I think I’d just love to play some good consistent footy. I think last year i definitely think I reached my peak a bit, but I also had some inconsistent games. I’d love to just play some consistent footy across all season pretty much, as well as the state not just Norwood, but both.”

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