Rebranded Goannas slay new Dragons

PARRAMATTA Goannas proved too strong for St George Dragons, running out 64-point winners over the newest AFL Sydney Women’s Premier Division franchise. The Goannas held the Dragons scoreless in St George’s inaugural match, with the final score being 9.10 (64) to 0.0 (0).

St George’s entry into the competition went as expected, with the young group learning some valuable lessons right off the bat. Their inexperienced group was beaten all around the ground immediately by the vastly more experienced Parramatta side.

Amanda Farrugia was enormously involved early, getting her side on top from the first bounce before the Dragons could even get their eye in, and the home side held forward half field position for 90 per cent of the match.

However after being jumped in the first half and trialing by 40 points at the main break, the Dragons were able to impressively minimise the score in the second half, only conceding one goal in the third term, and two more in the third.

St George’s defensive pressure was on display, attacking everything with gusto, and though unable to make a dint into the scoreboard, could hold their heads high from the effort they gave in quelling the Goannas’ forward thrusts.

There were multiple chunks of sustained periods where Parramatta could not find the final way to goal, despite multiple repeat entries, all due to the Dragons’ pressure. The Goannas still had their stars, with new recruit Eleanor Rugg having an easier entry to the 2024 season playing in defence. The highlight of the day was the checkside goal finish from another new recruit across from Pennant Hills in Brianna Wade.

In the end the difference between the sides was the class, and the Goannas were able to swarm their fresh faced opponents and were just simply bigger and stronger than the Dragons, consistently putting pressure on the defence. Wade would finish with four goals and Ashley Grey with three to be the key scorers.

Cassie Brown was named best on for the winners, with Amalia Costa Da Silva and Jemma Thorp joining Farrugia and Wade among the more impressive Goannas in what was a team effort. For the Dragons, vice-captain Kaitlyn Eisenhuth tried hard all day, while Rachel Simpson and Sophie Matheson were also among the better Dragons.

PARAMATTA GOANNAS 3.1 | 6.4 | 7.9 | 9.10 (64)
ST GEORGE DRAGONS 0.0 | 0.0 | 0.0 | 0.0 (0)

B. Wade 4, A. Gray 3, O. Plummer, J. Whitehand
St George: Nil.

Paramatta: C. Brown, A. Costa Da Silva, A. Farrugia, J. Thorp, B. Wade
St George: K. Eisenhuth, R. Simpson, S. Matheson., H. Kaine, J. O’Neill


North Shore Bombers 5.8 (38) defeated Pennant Hills Demons 2.3 (15)

Underdogs Pennant Hills can be very proud of its efforts to start the game, giving it everything and evn leading the match at half-time by two points. Though the Bombers did end up running away with it kicking four goals to nil in the second half to record a 23-point win.

East Coast Eagles 6.7 (43) defeated UNSW-ES Bulldogs 2.3 (15)

East Coast got the job done against UNSW-ES, blowing the Bulldogs off the park in the first half. The second half will be very interesting for all other clubs and future opponents of both teams, with the Eagles being held virtually scoreless. as the Dogs kicked to goals to one behind.

UTS Bats 10.9 (69) defeated Sydney University 5.0 (30)

The big tight clash between Sydney University and UTS Bats was going exactly as predicted with the upset of Sydney University on the cards as the Students led by a point at half-time. However the Bats piled on five unanswered goals in the third term and set up the memorable 39-point win.

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