Scouting Notes: 2024 Young Guns vs. Vic Metro

REPRESENTATIVE and mid-season draft auditions rolled on in Victoria as the Young Guns took on Vic Metro at Avalon Airport Oval on Saturday. It was the 2005-born squad which defeated its younger counterpart by 42 points, and we were on hand to note some of the standout players.

YOUNG GUNS 15.11 (101) def. VIC METRO 9.5 (59)


#1 Tom Hanily (Gippsland Power)
Midfielder/Forward | 178cm | 31/05/2005

Started off exceptionally well with a few touches and also provided a good option up forward on the lead with two marks. He can work on his set shot kicking, especially when there is a wind, however looked for better options when out of range. Hanily’s second efforts were there and he also was dangerous around the forward 50 stoppages. He showed strong tackling ability for his size and backs himself against bigger opponents, while always providing non-stop pressure. Composure and decision making were also among his strong suits.

#2 Tobyn Murray (Geelong VFL)
Midfielder | 180cm | 05/05/2005

Murray was immense in the Young Guns’ midfield with excellent ball delivery and defensive pressure, shown in one instance where he followed up his clearance work to provide a smother. He looked a strong bodied midfielder who set up plays and was good in traffic, while also showing great composure throughout the day along with great evasiveness. Capped off his afternoon with a long goal from a turnover at half-forward on the final siren.

#3 Tarkyn O’Leary (Sandringham VFL)
Wing | 178cm | 01/07/2005

While he wasn’t prominent with the football as much as he would have liked to have been, O’Leary showed excellent composure with the footy and movement in traffic, kicking the ball into dangerous spots. He used his pace to burn off the opposition and found space easily where he proved to be dangerous, using his elite endurance.

#4 Oskar Smartt (Essendon VFL)
Forward | 180cm | 26/10/2005

Coming into the game fresh off a four-goal haul in the VFL the previous week, Smartt started off by goaling from an around the body set shot and was dangerous up forward all day. His ball delivery inside 50 was excellent and showed great football IQ to find teammates to hit the scoreboard. Smartt’s work rate was solid, as were his closing speed, second efforts and physicality – especially for a player his size. Very clean with the ball by hand and foot, Smartt reads the ball exceptionally well and showed his athleticism to take a great overhead mark in the third quarter to goal from a close-range set shot.

#6 Ryan Brodie (Calder Cannons)
Defender | 182cm | 08/05/2005

Didn’t have a great impact in the first half however he worked well with his fellow defenders, providing constant pressure all day and peeling off half-back exceptionally well. In the second half he became more prominently involved, taking a number of intercept marks and demonstrating his exceptional ability to read the play. Brodie pushed up the ground well in the second half where some of his ball delivery was terrific.

#8 Dayten Uerata
Midfielder/Forward | 184cm | 28/10/2005

Moves smoothly around the ground, covering it exceptionally well and showing great speed and power along with his tackling pressure. Distribution of the ball by foot was sound, however his ball delivery going inside 50 was inconsistent where he turned it over or kicked it into no man’s land, but otherwise got it into a dangerous spot or hit a target. Uerata works hard to get involved in handball chains, running up and down the ground.

#9 Cooper Lord (Sandringham Dragons)
Midfielder | 184cm | 20/03/2005

Lord was prominent early, displaying his strong football IQ and quick hands. His long kick was on display too, delivering the ball into good spots in the forward 50 along with hitting targets, however that area of his game could do with some improvement. His ability to accumulate was on display with his layer one and two work in the contest.

#15 Kobe Shipp (Casey Demons)
Defender | 188cm | 12/05/2005

Provided excellent kicking and rebounding out of defence despite turning the ball over a few times and worked well alongside the likes of his former Dandenong Stingrays teammate Kade De La Rue, and his current Casey Demons teammate Riak Andrew. Shipp took a number of marks down back early, especially one which was quite strong overhead, showing great athleticism.

#16 Lachlan McArthur (Western Jets)
Forward | 190cm | 09/12/2005

Finished up with three goals and could have easily been more, however his leading patterns and his work rate stood out and his set shot kicking was exceptional. Found himself in space easily to get away from his opponent and provided a target for his team all day, whether it be inside 50 or up the ground.

#19 Ned Maginness (Sandringham Dragons)
Forward | 194cm | 22/04/2005

Worked his way into the contest after a slow start, however provided excellent defensive pressure considering his size. Played a key linking role up forward alongside the Young Guns’ embarrassing riches of tall options and used his elite running power to provide a target. Kicked a nice long goal late in the game to cap off a solid afternoon. His ball delivery to his teammates by foot was a feature.

#22 Max Mapley (Tasmania Devils)
Key Forward/Ruck | 199cm | 27/10/2005

Not a prolific game disposal wise however played his role as a key forward while also taking the ruck contests in the forward 50. Mapley’s presentation was excellent as a forward and he kicked a great crumbing snap goal to kick off proceedings for the Young Guns. The Tasmanian’s second goal came from a set shot kick on the angle, and he provided excellent pressure for a key forward/ruck.

Image Credit: Rob Lawson/AFL Photos


#1 Massimo Raso (Western Jets)
Small Forward | 171cm | 21/04/2006

Played like he had a point to prove, showing great reflexes and evasiveness to kick the first goal of the game. Although he was a bit fumbly at times he still worked hard and looked dangerous around the ground, proving prominent around the contest. Raso kicked the first goal of the second half following a strong forward 50 tackle where he converted from a close range set shot. His defensive pressure was excellent throughout the day and used both feet well.

#3 Jayden Nguyen (Calder Cannons)
Defender | 177cm | 27/07/2006

Nguyen’s tackle pressure was excellent early, working well with his fellow defenders and looking calm and composed out of the backline, however his kicking was prone to turnovers. Nguyen did provide good pressure acts and excellent speed to burn off his opponents on numerous occasions, which have become typical features of his game.

#7 Damon Hollow (Calder Cannons)
Defender | 180cm | 30/03/2006

Playing in a different role as a defender, Hollow had a quiet initiation to the game however he worked his way into it. He looked good playing off half-back but turned it over a few times, especially on one occasion in the second quarter where he tried to execute a one-two handball which ended up in a goal to the Young Guns. His kicking got better as the game went on, especially on one occasion in the last quarter where he hit up Tom Sims in a one-on-one contest with a beautiful long kick.

#9 Cody Anderson (Eastern Ranges)
Midfielder | 180cm | 30/01/2006

Was arguably Vic Metro’s most influential player all day. A contested bull, Anderson tackled strongly but his kicking and decision making still requires improvement. His capability to intercept was good and his set shot kicking on angles is still another area of his game that requires work. He showed excellent athleticism again with his leap and went forward late in the game to snare a goal. He read hitouts well and displayed his clean hands all day.

#10 Nash King (Calder Cannons)
Midfielder | 181cm | 05/01/2006

Worked well in the midfield with Anderson where his layer one and layer two work brilliantly complimented his teammates, proving strong around the contest all day. King spread well around the ground at times, not being drawn into his opponent and his kicking was excellent. He took good risks, especially when under pressure and always used his vision to ensure targets were hit inside 50.

#17 Keighton Matofai-Forbes (Western Jets)
Forward | 185cm | 02/02/2006

Despite limited opportunities, Matofai-Forbes’ work rate and tackle pressure for a key forward were excellent. He followed up his Western Jets and junior teammate Raso by kicking Metro’s second goal of the day from an excellent set shot with his long-left foot, having perfectly judged the timing of the ball to take the mark inside 50. Despite being quiet after that, he managed to still use his work rate to drop back and help out his defenders. He was typically strong one-on-one and kicked two long goals late in the game to finish with three overall.

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