VFL Player Focus: Jack Hutchinson (Collingwood)

COLLINGWOOD forward Jack Hutchinson has emerged as one of the top mid-season draft candidates after a promising start to his maiden VFL season. The 22-year-old was recruited from Wonthaggi and has caught the eye with extraordinary high marking exploits.

Hutchinson booted two goals in Collingwood’s Round 4 defeat to Coburg, which broke the Lions’ 23-game losing streak. The 190cm high-flier was again impressive despite the result, and with plenty of recruiters watching, is our VFL Player Focus this week.

Jack Hutchinson

Height: 190cm

Weight: -

DOB: 10-11-2001


2024 VFL: Round 4
Coburg 12.15 (87) def. Collingwood 10.12 (72)

#49 Jack Hutchinson (Collingwood)
Stats: 14 disposals (7 kicks, 7 handballs), 5 marks, 4 tackles, 2 goals


It didn’t take long for Hutchinson to work up to the top of forward 50 and reel in a mark on the lead, which would be his modus operandi for much of the day. Collingwood peppered the goals early, albeit without much reward, making for plenty of opportunities.

Hutchinson showcased some of his power and flair in chasing up a loose ball and trying to keep it in play at half-forward, while his physicality was felt in a few defensive efforts. For a 190cm player, he competed well both in the air to crash packs, and at ground level.

There wasn’t anything to speak of in the way of scores for Hutchinson in term one, but he left one for Ben Crocker in the goalsquare and would soon come into his own in that regard. The signals of intent and presence were there, though.


Both of Hutchinson’s goals were kicked in the second term, and he rose to prise one of the marks of the year in an outstanding half-hour of footy. The 22-year-old’s highlight reel grab was taken from the back of a forward 50 pack, as he leapt above all comers and clunked it beautifully.

His spring was on show in that instance, and high marking is something Hutchinson is becoming renowned for. He converted the set shot to put Collingwood into the lead, backing up his flukey major amid a goalsquare scramble earlier on.

To compliment his scoreboard impact, Hutchinson continued to apply defensive pressure and was strong enough to lock up opponents and force stoppages. His sheer size and work ethic made for serious presence in Collingwood’s forward half throughout the term.


While the delivery wasn’t always ideal, Hutchinson offered a strong marking outlet up the ground and attempted to connect his side into attacking 50. He got on the end of the first centre bounce break and made the flank a familiar area in term three.

Hutchinson’s work rate continued to shine through as he contested aerial balls and did his best to at least bring it to ground. He would also be sighted mopping up inside defensive 50 and dumping a kick out to the wing as Coburg began to take hold of the game.


Hutchinson’s competitiveness was again a feature in term four, though his effectiveness as a marking outlet began to wane. The forward still crashed contests, but found it difficult to cleanly take the ball at the top of his reach and stick his leads.

He was otherwise quite neat by hand and even got busy at forward 50 stoppages, using his powerful burst to wheel around on the outside. Only one more half-chance on goal presented for him as Coburg kicked away, but he couldn’t twist or turn quick enough to get a shot away in the pocket.

Elsewhere, Hutchinson showed he was a team player by blocking for Ash Johnson and directing Crocker in on goal, doing every little to help his side and impacting across the match both in attacking and defensive situations.


It is clear to see why Hutchinson has quickly emerged as a leading mid-season draft candidate. He ticks the box athletically with his leap and power, while also covering the ground nicely and presenting as a viable marking target with terrific forward craft.

His upside is evident with highlight reel marks and goals, and it seems like he has only really scratched the surface of his potential having only just entered the state league system. He should appeal to many clubs on pure talent, and specifically to those looking for another marking target to chop-out for their talls.

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